Pulse Ghana|Supabets|Black Stars
Pulse Ghana|Supabets|Black Stars

According to the 59-year-old gaffer, if you are a player or coach, you must be prepared for constant criticisms, both constructive and ignorant ones.

"If you are a player and you are afraid of criticisms you better stop playing or coaching," he said after the Ghana’s 2-0 victory against Guinea-Bissau.

He further opined that, he is used to insults and critics. “Me I'm used to it," he added.

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"Once they criticise you look at the good things and you learn from it,” he noted.

Appiah stated that he was not a perfect human being and will continue to do his best for national team and country.

"At the end of the day, nobody is perfect. I, for instance, will do the best that I can. As for criticisms you could win all your matches and still have people hate you or get jealous of you," he said.

Speaking to the media after Ghana’s match against Guinea-Bissau, the Black Stars coach said the best response to the criticisms is to deliver good results.

They [critics] will say all they want but the most important thing is that we deliver. We got some games to come, we are praying we take one game at a time till we get to the end," he said.

Ghana are hoping to end the country's 37-year wait for the AFCON title.

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The Black Stars topped Group F with 5 points and a better goal difference in the ongoing tournament.

Pulse Ghana|Supabets|Black Stars
Pulse Ghana|Supabets|Black Stars

The team will play Tunisia in the last 16 of the competition on Monday, July 8, 2019.