SportPesa unveils the winner of Sh221 million Mega Jackpot (VIDEO)

"He won the biggest ever Jackport in the Africa’s gaming history Sh221, 301,602 million"

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri, Mega Jackpot winner Samuel Abisai and the Sportpesa staff

Samuel Abisai 28, made history by winning the biggest ever Jackport in the Africa’s gaming history Sh221, 301,602 Million in last week’s SportPesa Mega JackPot for correctly predicting the outcome of 17 games.

The amount can finance the construction of the Kenya Sports Academy as allocated by the National Treasury and still have Sh21 million change.

Samuel Abisai is the first Kenyan to win the Mega Jackpot which was started in September last year at 100 million.

According to Abisai he has not been hit with the bare truth that indeed he is the winner of the 221 million.

“Am still in shock and disbelieve that I am the winner of the 221 million. I need sometime to absorb the good news before I put my plans in place in terms of expenditure,” said Abisai.

Abisai who resides from Kakamega County has been betting for some time now after being introduced to gambling by his brother.

"When I was called by the SportPesa CEO (Ronald Karauri) in the middle of the night, I was so happy and start celebrating the good news until those who were close to me thought that I was rung mad” said Abisai.

After carefully following on the outcome of 15 matches of the Mega Jackpot, Abisai decide to celebrate with his closer circle that they usually bet together.

“My big siz was the first person I told that I might win the 221 million because my 15 predictions were right. She started praying immediately for me to emerge then winner” the winner revealed

There is a time I used to advise home not to bet, but I realized it’s something he likes doing so I when I receive his call, I went down to my knees and started to prayer to God to change our life’s though him.” Said.

Abisai comes from a family of 12 with 8 sisters and four brothers and he grew up in the hands of an NGO who offered to pay for his school fee.

“My life has not been easy but am thankful at some point I got help from an NGO called Compassion. I will use this win to improve my welfare and that of my parents and the entire family.,"Said the young man who speaks fluent Mandarian that he studied at the University of Nairobi and China.

The winner whose parents had to trust him in the hands of an NGO from a young age and he will also find a way of giving back to the society.


According to Abisai he will use part of the money to help his brother, accomplish his dream of owning a football academy back at their homeland.

“We have always loved football in our family and at one point I was playing for my local team. As a way of giving back to the society”, said Abisai.

On the other hand his eldest brother, who had accompanied him, expressed his joy that his brother was able to win the Jackpot.

However Abisai said that his circle of the friends will not change much despite him being the new Millionaire in town.

“I have been betting with a number of friends. We have always been a team and therefore we are looking forward to be more tightly together has my win is there win too,” said the young Millionare.


Abisai said that he is currently in a relationship and will be settling down after some two months.

“I have been in a relationship even before money and now that I have money, am not going to change or start looking for new love,” he said.

Asked whether the girlfriend knows that he is a Millionaire; I called her yesterday to break the news to her because she is far but she did not believe, may be when she sees me on media she will believe,” posed Abisai.

Sh41 Million winner

Besides the unveiling of Samuel Abisai, there was also a winner of Sh41 million bonus.

Ahmed Ali who just jetted back to the country from Qatar also used Sh100 bob to bring home Sh41 million.

“I have been out of the country for 8 months but after landing I activated my SportPesa account and placed a bet on April 29 and 30, where I was lucky to win," said Ali

Ali who is 24 years say how will be going into business so that he can invest the money he won.

The consumer said he met his friend with whom they bet and as they were discussing what to do with the millions a call came through,” Sportpesa said.

Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri personally called the winner who was at that time still having a drink with his friend.

“The CEO advised the winner, who was screaming, to end his night out, to which he said, ‘I’m going home right away,'” the statement said.


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