Find out why Akothee no longer does TV and radio interviews

"Journalists are two sided swords," says Akothee


Self proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee, has revealed why she stopped doing TV and radio interviews.

This comes after one journalist claimed the popular singer was rude for not agreeing to take part in an interview.

Esther Akoth through a statement on her Instagram story explained how she would show up for an interview in some media houses and presenters would look so cold and pretentious.

“I stopped doing interviews both on TV and radio. Some stations I would walk in and feel so empty. The presenters looked so cold and pretentious ready, with forced smiles on their faces ready to attack my private life and my past,” she wrote.

She added; “I don’t want to continue collecting imaginary enemies. I have enough so arm’s length. There was a presenter who didn’t believe when I said, sorry, I don’t do interviews anymore she said wow, that’s rude, I said no that’s true.”

The mother of five went ahead and explained that the problem is not the media houses but people working in the media houses, also revealing how some presenters ask for bribes to play her songs.

“Problem is not the stations, problem is the people inside the stations. They forget that that’s someone’s investment and take it personally.

Some presenters ask me for ksh100k to have my song play on rotation. Another one asked me for ksh100k to trend on Twitter hashtags,” she added.

Akothee concluded by wishing Kenyan artists all the best as they continue to push for media attention.

"To My fellow artists/ musicians, I wish you all the best as you deal with these two sided swords. MUNGU AWAONEKANIE JAMANI."


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