Lionel Messi says he knew Argentina will beat Nigeria

After just one point in their opening two games Messi said he knew Argentina will get it right against Nigeria.

Messi scored his first World Cup goal of the tournament in Argentina’s 2-1 victory over the Super Eagles.

The 31-year-old admitted that the game took longer than expected to be determined but he was always confident that Argentina will be victorious.

Speaking after the game Messi was happy with the result that made his Argentina team progress to the round of 16.

He said, “We already knew we were going to win, we were confident that God would help us, that all would turn out well.

“But we did not expect the complication of the draw, to suffer so much. What's important is that we went through.”

Messi leads Argentina into round of 16 against France

Messi also stated that even though the Nigerian team held on for long before Marcos Rojo’s winner, the possibility of a draw was not in consideration.

He said, “We did not expect the complication of the draw, of suffering so much.”

After just one point in their opening two games against Croatia and Iceland Messi, said after the Super Eagles defeated Iceland they knew it was up to hem to take advantage of the opportunity.

He said, “Without a doubt, we knew that an opportunity had fallen from the sky after the two games we had not been able to win and we knew we could not let this one escape.”

He also confirmed that he is happy with the result of the encounter, “I'm good. I'm very happy. It would have been very painful to have been eliminated in the first round.”

Messi and his Argentine teammates will now face France in their round of 16 clash scheduled for Saturday, June 23.


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