10 Kenyan Celebs Who were Kicked Out of High School. And reasons Why They were expelled.

And one day, after a 6-hour closed door meeting in the staffroom, that included all the B.O.G members, Prezzo's relatives, Government officials, Church leaders and local politicians, it was decided that Prezzo should be sent home for GOOD. And he was. And that's how he ended up as a musician.


We were all kicked out from High School. For various reasons. Some solid. Some flimsy. But Hey,we got through it. And survived. Or didn't we?

I, in particular, was sent home a record four times. In just an year. And, finally, after it was decided-and publicly announced-that I had become persona non grata, I was sent home for good. Never to show again. Ever Ever....

My expulsions ranged from little mischief in class to naughty shenanigans during school festivals to, ummm, sleeping in class.

Who sends people home for sleeping in class? Isn't that the natural-most thing to do!? Its like sending someone home for thinking!

And, in tandem with that, I shall attempt to break it to You the way You like it; Reasons


1. JAGUARHe's the Celebrity Philanthropist. And the Celebrity whose got the rare privilege of calling President Kenyatta, 'Boy Wangu'. Now now,before Jaguar was selling millions of records (Ok,who am I kidding?)...Before Jaguar was,ummm, Jaguar he was just another school boy. Like You and Me...Jaguar was not Jaguar in school. He was Charles Njagua. Charles Njagua, we have established, for once kicked put of school for selling his own text books. And then trying to 'vuka border' ya shuke yao na the neighbouring girl's school. Charles Njagua was also sent home once for attempting to pay off the school fees of one of his classmates thus 'undermining the authority' of the Principal. And lastly, Charles Njagua was also sent home for participating in a music talent search that left 16 students hospitalized. It was later revealed that they had suffered severe internal injuries after listening to Jaguar sing.

2. PrezzoPrezzo was sent home soooo many times his parents had to relocate to a house near the school. In school, Prezzo was called Jackson Makini. His nickname was Makindi. Because he loved uji. Hahaha. Now Now, Prezzo, or Makindi, was quite the baller even back in High School. His only troubles with the law started when he started showing up in school in a car bigger than the Principal's. He'd leave the car parked outside the Administration Block and would also drive himself to Drama/Music Festivals instead of using the designated, old school bus. Prezzo also, numerously, would refuse to water the official blue and grey school uniform,and would show up in class dressed like 14 Black American drug sellers in Chicago. I won't even touch on how high he always was. All the time. And one day, after a 6-hour closed door meeting in the staffroom, that included all the B.O.G members, Prezzo's relatives, Government officials, Church leaders and local politicians, it was decided that Prezzo should be sent home for GOOD. And he was. And that's how he ended up as a musician.

3. LAURA OYIERBefore she was hogging up everything on the menu at the Hotel Intercontinental, Laura Oyier had tried similar broke girl stunts in high school, too. Laura would spend all her time-even class time-singing odd songs to herself and polishing up on her accent. And one day, during a National Drama Festivals event in Mombasa , Laura checked in a hotel to wait for her Kisumu Boys boyfriend who had promised to join her soon as he'd finished rehearsing with his fellow actors. The ninja never showed up. Just like the Nigerian con. Shock on Laura! She had already eaten up stuff worth Ksh.2,300. And she only had around 230 Bob on her. She was detained in the hotel's toilets. And after her teachers were summoned, that's how she earned her first expulsion from school. But not to worry, a teacher from Kisumu Girls paid all her bills. And offered her a place in her school. As a Music teacher.

4. ROBERT ALAIAlai was NEVER expelled from school. I repeat, Alai was NEVER expelled from school. He expelled HIMSELF. Robert was constantly pissed off with his school; He didn't like the food, neither did he like the classrooms, or the dormitories, or the teachers or the songs they used to sing at the parade or the watchman. He hated everything. And everyone. He hated the school bus too. And the school cows. And fence. And verandahs. He got so tired of his school that one day, in typical Alai fashion, he woke up, dressed up and walked away. Never to turn back. Ever again. He didn't stop hating things though. He brought his "Everything Sucks" attitude out here, too. And its working just fine. Ask Moses Kuria.

5. CAROLINE MUTOKOCaroline Ndinda Mutoko was a good girl. In fact, very good. But she earned her first expulsion from school the day she stopped the Principal from talking right in the middle of her speech. Mrs. Kinyororo asked "What's the matter with You Caro?" And that's where all hell broke loose. "Excuse Me Madam,I am  Caro. I am Caroline Ndinda Mutoko....." And just like that, the war started. Both Caroline Mutoko and Mrs. Kinyororo argued for close to an hour. Everything came to a standstill. The assembly was dissolved and even though Caroline Mutoko was suspended, Mrs. Kinyororo never again called her Caro. Ever. Even in her dreams.

6. KALEKYE MUMOKalekye was once a little skinny girl in some little skinny school in Ukambani. But then her appetite kind of burgeoned in around her third year of school. Kalekye then started eating. And eating. And eating more...It was illegal to carry foodstuffs to school on the opening days. But Kalekye wouldn't hear none of that! She would break the law. Every opening day. But her days came to an abrupt end when one day, after a thorough search across school, her turn to be searched came. Her bag was opened....And all hell broke loose! Out poured an avalanche of all manner of foodstuffs known to mankind. Among other unmentionable things, Kalekye had sneaked into her bag 3 kilos of blue band, 14 loaves of bread, 5 cartons of biscuits, a 3-litre juice bottle, 1000 grams cocoa, peanut butter, a jam can, 14 chapatis, a few maandazi, 2 kilos of sugar, Royco, noodles, Zesta tomato sauce and 3 litres of extra cooking oil. "Umekuja kusoma ama kufungua hotel I??" Kalekye was famously asked.

7. MUTHONI DRUMMER QUEENNow, Muthoni was once a keen school girl before she bumped on an idea; Muthoni started organizing random music extravaganzas in her Dormitory. Students would cram in her Dorm to watch her and others girls perform during the weekends. Now, that's was NOT the problem. Problem was; Muthoni would charge this girls. Not by taking their money, but their bread. She'd make sure that, to watch her and her crew perform, you'd either relinquish your weekend bread or wash her clothes. And then the authorities got wind of it...Muthoni was summoned. And promptly sent packing. Her high school events were called "Bedsheets and Bread" and that's how she got the inspiration for "Blankets And Wine". Smart girl.

8. DENNIS ITUMBIItumbi was a perennial law breaker. He featured in the school's black book so many times that the black book was eventually named after him. He was brilliant in drama, though. But horrible in class. Now, one day, Bwana Itumbi decided to experiment his very first hacking skills. And, by luck, managed to hack into the KNEC Headquarters. Yes,the guys who print exams! Itumbi cleverly managed to hack into the systems in which the Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths systems were stored. And managed to distribute the exact exam questions across his class two weeks BEFORE the exams! And when the boys finally sat for the papers, they all scored super impressive straight 'As' in all four subjects. Straight 'As'! An investigation was launched. Itumbi's name came up 77 times. He was promptly sent home. For 77 days!

9. RABBIT KAKA SUNGURAFirst and foremost, I don't understand how anyone would call themselves 3 names all belonging to ONE little animal. But first, we have to determine where the name originated from. Now, in school, Rabbit was known as Ken Ombimba. And he was a diligent, silent student who loved swahili and sleep. Now, Rabbit's high school had an agriculture program where agriculture students would rear chicken, rabbits and cows. And one day, aided by three of his boys,Rabbit stole ALL the school rabbits. And stuffed them in his box in the dormitory. They were 50 rabbits in total. He later sneaked out to roast the little mammals at midnight. And, while roasting the 23rd rabbit, Rabbit was busted. By the watchman. He was sent home for 2 months. And told to report back with the Minister of Agriculture. And 300 rabbits. Case closed.

10. KATHY KIUNABefore Madam Kiuna got born again and became the earthy shattering preacher she now is, Kathy was just any other school girl. Naughty as hell. At first, she was punished lightly after been caught advising the form ones not to date boys from a certain school. And since she was the C.U leader, she was also reprimanded harshly for asking the students from Eastlands to sit at the far back end of the hall. But her expulsion came about when it was discovered that she had asked the whole C.U members of the school to contribute a hundred bob each to enable her to buy a bigger and better Bible. There were 500 C.U Members. And everyone contributed the 100 bob. She was therefore kicked out after it was determined that NO Bible would possibly cost Ksh.5,000 shillings. No bible.


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