These morning habits are killing your productivity

Ditch them to be successful

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Let’s get real, not every day will be smooth flowing. There are days that will just feel groggy and all your body craves for is a day off.

It’s however different if you have this feeling every day or so often such that your productivity suffers. Your morning habits could actually be the reason you are having bad days. If you want to be more productive during the day, you got to give up these morning habits:

1. Snoozing

No one wants to leave their bed in the morning but how else can we pay our bills? Once you hit the snooze button, you have already failed. So conquer your morning by getting those sheets out of your way once your alarm beeps.

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2. Skipping breakfast

If you don’t fuel your body in the morning, you can be certain that it will definitely let you down. Wake up early so that you have enough time to break your fast.

3. Social media

If the first thing you do when you wake up is start scrolling your social media pages, you are doing it all wrong. It’s important to stay updated but then, social media can shift your focus from work. You don’t want to be thinking about the graphic images or the hate being spread on social media while you are working.

4. Failing to interact

Most are the times we wake up, jump to the bathroom and get ready for work. On your way, you don’t even bother to say ‘hi’ to the person seated next to you in the matatu. But doing so can actually brighten your day. Ensure you have a conversation with someone every morning and see what a boost it will have on your productivity.

5. Starting with the easy task

It’s always best to kick off the day with the most daunting task. If you conquer that, you will do the rest with more ease. But if you start with the easier one, you will keep on procrastinating the difficult ones.


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