Top 10 most popular betting sites in Kenya

Here are the betting sites that will give you the best deals........

According to GeoPoll, Kenya has the highest percentage of youth betters in all Sub-saharan Africa which currently stands at 76 per cent. Interestingly enough according to the survey, Kenyans spend the highest amount of money on a bet per week. Kenyans spend an average of Ksh. 5000 in a week.

With such a growing demand for betting these are the best betting sites according to professional betters.


This is the largest sports betting site in Kenya. They are also the official sponsors of Hull City football club. They offer some of the highest jackboots and odds. You win a mega Jackpot when you get 17 bets correctly. You also get a jackpot when you get 13 bets correctly.

SportPesa is famed for being user-friendly.

2. Betin

This is Kenya’s second largest betting site. Like SportPesa they also offer very high odds.

The minimum stake that one can bet on is Ksh. 50. The European-owned company offers live-betting and also has casinos. One of its unique features is that you can also bet on virtual matches.

Betin is very diverse in that it has many options for a user to choose form.


Fairly new in the Kenyan market but is growing exponentially because of their crazy offers.

For starters they give 100% return on every deposit. The site’s jackpots soar up to Ksh. 500 million. The minimum amount one can deposit is Ksh. 22 while the maximum amount is Ksh. 500,000. The site also allows users to experience betting exchange.

4. MCheza

It is best known for a very effective SMS betting. Users experience a good live betting experience. The site also offers daily updates on matches which makes it easier to analyse matches. The minimum amount you can deposit is Ksh. 100.

5. Hollywood bets

It is a branch of South Africa-owned Hollywood bets. It is interesting to note that their Casino slots actually pay out unlike the others. Users can actually can get a bonus of Ksh. 100 daily.

The minimum amount one can deposit is Ksh. 1 and there is no maximum.

6. Betpawa

The company is owned by Gaming international Limited and has a presence in various African countries like Nigeria and Uganda. The minimum amount you can place a wager on is a low Ksh. 1.00

Betpawa offers live betting and league summaries. Unlike other sites, Betpawa offers communication on Whatsapp and Messenger.

7. Betway

The site entered the Kenyan market in 2015. It stands out for giving loyalty points for every bet. Every loyalty point gives a free point. The bigger the bet, the more points one gets. All loyalty points are automatically redeemed as a free bet every Monday.

The site is praised for having a well animated display.

8. Kwikbet

The site is as basic as any other site but it is famed for giving jackpots of Ksh.1,000,000 for bets of as low as Ksh.30.


It is pretty simple to use with one betting option. A user only needs to deposit Ksh. 20 and the bet is worth Ksh 5,000,000.

10. Bet yetu

The site has an improved user interface which attracts more users. It offers notifications and commentaries on live matches. When they upgraded their site, they offered better odds which can help a user get more return for less deposits.

Betyetu has diversified their options so that the user can choose the bet that best suits them.


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