University of Nairobi's Administration asked Police for Help - Boinnet Reveals

Boinnet spills the beans after the uproar

Speaking during an interview on NTV, Mr. Boinnet, who was responding to police brutality witnessed during last week’s demos at the campus, mentioned that they were allowed inside the institution by the administration itself.

The IG noted that when the students went on a rampage demanding the release of Embakasi East  MP Babu Owino, the administration informed the officers that there were some outsiders who had invaded the premises.

“We also got information that there were rogues who were masquerading as students who had got into the halls of residence. Now how we got into some of the halls of residences and classrooms was upon the invitation of the university itself," he said.

According to Boinnet the administration and the security department called the police for help.

Following the riots, videos were shared widely on social media showing the officers clobbering the students inside the hostels while others were forced to frog march at gunpoint at the institution.

The violence was heavily condemned with Kenyans demanding action be taken against the responsible officers.


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