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5 common trading mistakes you must avoid

Trading is not a piece of cake and you should train yourself well

5 common trading mistakes you must avoid

Many people are enchanted by the profits others are making by investing in cryptocurrency.

However, just because people don't do their homework before stepping into the crypto world, they end up losing everything.

The first and foremost mistake most people make in trading is that they don't research. Don't you always look into things before buying them? Similarly, it would be best to read about crypto, its pros and cons, its do's and don'ts before investing in trading.

It may look like cryptocurrency trading is no big deal; after all, all you need to do is buy and sell crypto coins to generate profit. However, it is not that simple!


Cryptocurrency trading is all about trading techniques and strategies. Let's look at the common trading mistakes people make and avoid them by staying safe.


Traders who are new to the market are too excited to buy and start trading. However, you should always proceed with some order and method. We are sure you would have heard of the phrase "Don't put all your eggs in one basket".

Why is it said so? If the basket breaks, you are likely to lose all your eggs instantly. Thus, divide and keep all your eggs in different baskets so that even if one breaks, you still have other eggs safe.

Let's take this example to cryptocurrency. Hacking is a common aspect of the dark side of the web, and the crypto market is also not safe from it. When you buy cryptocurrencies, you need a wallet to keep them secure.


However, if a hacker manages to attack your wallet and steal your cryptocurrencies, then you would have nothing left. Thus, don't keep all your investments in one place. Sign up with different and reliable wallets and keep your cryptocurrencies diversified in each.

Similarly, you should not just buy one type of cryptocurrency. For instance, if you want to invest $1000 in cryptocurrency, don't just buy bitcoin worth $1000.

You can opt for multiple options like you can buy bitcoin from a, then you can buy some Ethereum, and so on.

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so if there is a fall out of one cryptocurrency, then there might be a chance that you can cover the loss with your other cryptocurrencies.

Trading Skills


As discussed earlier, trading is not a piece of cake, and you should train yourself well before jumping into the market. Of course, you will learn many things when you practically start trading, but you should at least have some base before starting.

Trading is not like rolling a dice and seeing what you got. It is more like chess, where you have to play diligently and smartly because all your moves are essential.

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile to the circulating news, so you must keep yourself updated on the latest news.

You cannot just buy a cryptocurrency and then wait for your luck to do some magic and help you gain profit. It would help if you were well-read and prepared according to the market conditions.

Unfortunately, beginners tend to skip the part where they have to learn about the technology they will invest in.


It would be best if you were so well-versed in cryptocurrency trading that you can explain it to someone else as well. The more you learn, the better it is for you.

Peer Pressure

When you enter the crypto market, you will get in touch with various people. Some will suggest you buy a particular cryptocurrency, some will recommend you sell at a certain point, and some will guide you on when to buy exactly.

However, when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, you should not just rely on word of mouth.

The high volatility of the cryptocurrency market proves to be a setback for the newcomers in the market because they don't realize how fast the trends change. Before you act on someone's advice, do your research. You never know that the other person's advice might be too late to follow.


You must march to the beat of your drum because there is a factor known as whales in the crypto market.

The high influencers who set the market trend are whales, and many people follow their lead. Yes, sometimes you must buy when they buy and sell when they sell.

However, a factor known as the whales trick those results in a tremendous loss for many traders. To avoid getting trapped, you should refer to your research as well.

Panic Selling

We have been emphasizing the price changes in the crypto market from the beginning. Traders must keep in mind that the market trends can take a surprising turn. You need to calm yourself in such situations and think wisely.


Many traders sell their cryptocurrencies in a panic when they see the price of their virtual currency going down. However, patience is the key to success in crypto trading. If the trends have suddenly taken a downwards turn, they might also take a sudden upward turn. You are not at a loss until you sell your cryptocurrencies at a lower price.

Thus, it would help if you waited for the right moment before selling your cryptocurrencies.

Tax Payment

A very famous misconception regarding cryptocurrencies is that you don't have to pay tax. You're mistaken if you also think the same.

Cryptocurrencies are liable to taxes, just like are fiat currencies. If you generate a profit from your trading, you will have to pay taxes on all your gains.


The more you trade and earn, the more you pay in tax.


Now that you are aware of five of the most common trading mistakes, try to avoid them as much as you can.

Trading is not tough, it just needs a little practice and caution.

You would have seen that all the mistakes mentioned above are somehow linked to traders' flawed research and information. Thus, the key to better success and more profits in trading is research.



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