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New year resolutions for every small business owner

Goodbye 2020 and a big hello to 2021!

5 new year resolutions for every small business owner with PigiaMe

It’s the time for new beginnings and for a renewed push toward winning.

The year 2020 saw many Kenyans pursue entrepreneurship and start their own businesses. For small business owners, 2021 holds promise.

If you are running your own small business then Pulse Live, in collaboration with PigiaMe, has five essential tips that will push your new hustle to the next level.

  • Social Media

Twenty twenty-one is the year to ensure that your social media pages are elevated.

Ensure that you have the same profile picture for all the channels so that your customers don’t have to wonder if it’s still you on each platform.

Also, ensure that you keep them promptly updated. Coming up with a posting schedule will help you to keep up and not get overwhelmed.

Finally, ensure that your social media pages reflect your values. Communicate them to your customers because it helps them know you better.

  • Bookkeeping

Small business owners neglect the most critical part for a growing business and that is bookkeeping.

Resolve to have all your inventory taken so that you stay on top of what is in stock and what needs to be replenished.

Bookkeeping is also essential for ensuring you monitor your profit, loss and breaking even numbers.

  • SWOT Analysis

As your small business goes into the new year, it will be important to assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


After braving a difficult 2020 business year, take some time to reflect on where you did well, where you went wrong and where you may encounter a possible crisis.

It will be a helpful exercise because you will identify what you can build on and what you may need to improve on.

It is also a prime opportunity to come up with new goals. Think bigger and better.

  • Customer Surveys

With the new year, it’s time to hear from your customers. Prepare a survey, send it out to your customers and have them send you their feedback on your products and services.


Distribute the survey document on your social media channels and let the customers submit their feedback.

Be sure to appreciate everyone who submits a response and make deliberate efforts to address every complaint that may be raised by the customers.

  • Place your Ad on PigiaMe

The backbone of any business, especially a growing business is marketing. You need to get the word out!

PigiaMe offers small business owners a platform to reach customers all day everyday with a posting on your products and services.


A simple classified will reach thousands of potential customers and you have the option of becoming a verified seller so that more customers trust your business.

Happy New Year and happy selling on PigiaMe!



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