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Absa Mobi Tap redefines payment convenience in Kenya

Absa Bank Kenya and Visa launch Absa Mobi Tap

An illustration of the Absa Mobi Tap solution

Absa Bank Kenya and Visa have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking payment solution called Absa Mobi Tap.

This innovative solution enables small businesses to accept card-based payments from customers using an Android smartphone, revolutionizing the purchasing process.

With Absa Mobi Tap, customers can simply tap their debit or credit cards on an Android phone or tablet to make a payment, transforming the smartphone into a point of sale (POS) device.


This convenient and secure method eliminates the need for traditional POS machines, making it easier and faster for merchants to accept card payments.

To start using Absa Mobi Tap, merchants only need to download the app from the Play Store, set up their profile, and they are ready to accept card payments.

During a transaction, the merchant enters the amount, and the customer taps their contactless card on the back of the smartphone. If required, the customer can enter their PIN to complete the purchase securely.

During the launch event, Elizabeth Wasunna, Absa Bank Kenya's Business Banking Director, emphasized the bank's dedication to digital innovation and providing relevant payment solutions for Kenyan customers and small business owners.


She highlighted that Absa Mobi Tap enables businesses to accept contactless payments easily, securely, and in a more efficient manner, promoting the transition to a cashless society.

Absa Mobi Tap utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities to facilitate communication between the merchant's device and the customer's contactless payment card.

This solution primarily targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those with mobile operations that previously relied on cash or electronic funds transfer.


Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, Visa Kenya's Country Manager, commended Absa's commitment to empowering SMEs by expanding access to digital payment options.

She emphasized that Mobi Tap enhances financial inclusivity by offering underbanked SMEs greater access to digital payments, leveraging the widespread ownership of mobile phones in the country.

As part of the Absa Mobi Tap proposition, Absa will provide an installment plan to merchants for purchasing NFC-enabled smartphones.

This launch aligns with the introduction of a Standard QR Code, aimed at boosting digital payment usage and enhancing convenience, speed, and security in Kenya.


The collaboration between Absa Bank Kenya and Visa reflects their shared goal of driving contactless payments and expanding financial accessibility for both consumers and merchants, utilizing the technology already embraced by the mobile-first country.



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