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'Hata tabia ni za Iscariot' - KRA's response to job seeker lights up social media

KRA's playful banter with Kenyan looking for job opportunity lights up social media


The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) found itself at the centre of a social media banter, all thanks to a lighthearted exchange with a Kenyan on X.

The conversation detoured into humour, capturing the attention of social media users in the process.

It all began when an X user, @Itsjuddah, tagged KRA on a thread in which Kenyans were stating their dream job opportunities.

Seizing the moment, KRA responded with professionalism, directing the user to their official recruitment portal and urging them to follow the stipulated procedures for application.


“Hi Juddah, Kindly note that all available opportunities including internships are posted in our recruitment portal,” the tax man said.

However, @Itsjuddah had a different approach in mind, expressing a preference for a "short way."

This led to an unexpected twist in the conversation, with KRA responding with a touch of humour, asking, "Kumbe si jina tu, hata tabia ni za Iscariot?" - a witty remark suggesting that there might be more to the user's name and behaviour than meets the eye.

The exchange quickly gained traction on social media, with users applauding KRA for injecting a bit of levity into the often formal world of government communication.


This exchange is just one example of KRA's well-known flair for witty comebacks and humorous engagement on social media.

The authority has consistently demonstrated an ability to balance professionalism with a touch of playfulness, defying the stereotype of government entities as strictly formal.




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