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Top 10 brands imitated by hackers in Q1 of 2024

Airbnb's entry into the top 10 imitated brands signals expanding cybercriminal horizons.

cyberattack (Businessday)
  • The technology sector remained the most impersonated industry in brand phishing, followed by social networks and banking. 
  • In the first quarter of 2024, Microsoft continued to be the most imitated brand in phishing attacks.
  • Airbnb made a significant advancement to the 10th position, marking its entry into the top brands list for the first time.

Microsoft and Google are the two top brands frequently imitated by cybercriminals in phishing attacks, according to the latest Brand Phishing Ranking for Q1 2024 by Check Point Software.

Technology brands led in phishing attacks, likely due to their widespread usage in corporate and remote work environments, making them a lucrative entry point into company assets.

In many cases they are used with the employee’s internal credentials, and their exposure poses an even larger risk than the disclosure of an individual’s personal details used in social media, shipping, or banking platforms.


Following closely after tech brands, cybercriminals also targeted attacks on social networks, LinkedIn coming in as the third most impersonated brand. The third most impersonated brands were those in the banking sector.

The report also highlighted the unprecedented entry of Airbnb to the top ten list.

Airbnb made a significant advancement to the 10th position. This impressive climb is likely influenced by the Easter season, a period associated with increased travel and holiday bookings.


The seasonal surge in vacation planning could have amplified Airbnb’s visibility and appeal, particularly among travelers seeking unique accommodations.

"In light of the persistent threat posed by brand impersonation, it is imperative for users to maintain a heightened level of vigilance and exercise caution when engaging with emails or messages purportedly from trusted brands. By remaining vigilant and adopting proactive cybersecurity practices, individuals can mitigate the risk of falling victim to cybercriminal tactics,” stated Omer Dembinsky, Data Group Manager at Check Point Software.

Here is a complete list of the top 10 most impersonated brands:-

Brand %
Microsoft 38%
Google 11%
LinkedIn 11%
Apple 5%
DHL 5%
Amazon 3%
Facebook 2%
Roblox 2%
Wells Fargo 2%
Airbnb 1 %



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