Laidback Ways to Earn Bitcoin

At this point, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon. Love it or hate, everyone's talking about it. The cryptocurrency is at the top of its game, and people can’t seem to get enough of what it has to offer. Thanks to its easy use and incredible money-making potential, Bitcoin has piqued the interest of many who are looking for new money-making opportunities. Luckily, it has a lot of them. From investment opportunities that could potentially make you an overnight millionaire to simpler options for a steady second income, Bitcoin has it all. If you’re more interested in the latter of the two options, here are some ways you can get started earning with Bitcoin.

Laidback Ways to Earn Bitcoin (courtesy)

Play Bitcoin Games

One of the better options to make an income through Bitcoin is by going for Bitcoin games. Video games have become one of the biggest trends in the world at the moment. Whether it’s silly puzzle games on your phone or immersive console titles that transport you into other worlds, you’ve surely had some fun with video games before. Now, you can do the same while earning some coins! Like classic video games, Bitcoin games come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Most often, they’re fun browser minigames that you can easily access through your PC.

The entertainment aspect of Bitcoin games is undisputed. As most Bitcoin games are inspired by old-school arcade titles, they’re action-packed, fast-paced, and insanely engaging. Of course, the most important bit here is the Bitcoin part of it all. What makes Bitcoin games different than classic video games is the rewards system. Players that do well in the games are given small amounts of Bitcoin as a reward! It’s good to note that these rewards aren’t enough to make you rich quick, but if you play often, you can earn decent sums for a nice treat.

Try Automated Trading Apps

As you might have already guessed by the name, Bitcoin trading plays a big part here. A lot of people are put off when they hear about Bitcoin trading. Although it’s one of the most profitable and popular methods to earn Bitcoin, many aren’t too keen to give it a chance as it seems complicated. Luckily, top-notch automated trading software like Immediate Edge is there to make things a bit easier. Unlike traditional Bitcoin trading that can take a lot of time, knowledge, and research, automated Bitcoin trading is much more laidback!

Automated Bitcoin trading software is an excellent way for newbies to enter the world of Bitcoin trading. These apps have great info to help get you started and require no previous knowledge in the field. The intuitive design makes them easy to navigate, and the features they boast are killer! These apps use advanced AI tech to track down what’s available on the market and automatically make investments when possible. Not only can this mean a nice steady income for users, but it also gives them a lot of free time since you only need about thirty minutes a day to set things up!

Work Small Jobs for Bitcoin

A big trend on the Bitcoin scene right now is Bitcoin freelancing. The method of earning through Bitcoin freelancing isn’t all that different from traditional freelancing, as the only thing that sets the two apart is the currency freelancers are paid! That said, Bitcoin freelancing can often be pretty time-consuming. Depending on the kind of work you’re planning on taking on, you might be looking at some long nights of camping in front of your computer.

Thankfully, there are easier jobs that aren’t as demanding as most Bitcoin freelancing gigs. In a throwback to the early days of the internet, some of the most popular gigs on Bitcoin freelancing sites include completing surveys! These gigs don’t take a lot of time to finish, they don’t require any special skills, but they also don’t pay very well. The same can be said for website testing, another popular gig that often comes up on these platforms. While the pay might not be the best, completing many of these jobs can generate a nice income.

Sell Homemade Crafts

This one’s a bit out there, but it’s a good option for the crafty crowd! Etsy, one of the biggest online shopping platforms out there, offers sellers the option to get paid in Bitcoin! The platform is known to be a hub for excellent homemade decorations, beautiful vintage fashion, and random knickknacks that are hard to find! If you think you can cut it as a seller, then giving Etsy a shot might generate a solid Bitcoin revenue. Consider some of the most popular categories on the website and try giving the people what they want!


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