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Toyota’s new Sh23M Land Cruiser Model sells out in Kenya

The new model is an improvement of what Kenyans had come to know as the Land Cruiser V8.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series Photo: Vince Pictures

Similarly, the Toyota Land Cruiser by any other name given to it by Kenyans still remains to be the ‘The Master of Africa’.

Toyota Kenya unveiled the first brand new Land Cruiser 300 Series in the country on Thursday, December 2, with wealthy Kenyans already snatching up the 4 units that were available for purchase.

The demand just goes to show how much Kenyans had longed for the new design which has been dubbed LC300 by enthusiasts.


Those who were not able to snatch up the Sh23 million vehicle joined the waiting list, as the lucky few each enjoy the pride of driving one of the only four LC300s in Kenya.

The next units are expected to arrive in February 2022, will retail from 17.5M for GX-R, 21.9M for VX-R, and 23.1M for GRS models.

Clients have two options to choose from, 3.3-liter Diesel or 3.5-liter Petrol V6 twin-turbo engines.

Both engine options will come with the newly created direct Shift-10AT (10-speed automatic transmission). This will offer smoother power delivery, resulting in less fatigue when behind the wheel.

"As we join the world in celebrating the Land Cruiser 70th anniversary, we are committed to ensure we continue offering generations of adventure and that is exactly what LC300 promises," Toyota Kenya MD Arvinder Reel said during the unveiling.


The new Landcruiser is an improvement of what Kenyans had come to know as the Land Cruiser V8, whose production was discontinued.

Spotting the new model on the roads will be easy because other than its domineering body that’s hard to miss, the LC300 is also a looker.

The SUV sits on the road in an imposing manner and comes with a front grille that looks ready to inhale anything on its path.

The journey of the Land cruiser began with the Toyota Jeep BJ series in 1951 and cemented the legacy with the 90 & 80 series.


The LC 300, formally launched in the global market early this year, builds on this rich history by bringing in a new generation.

Business moguls, titans of industry and wealthy Kenyans who can’t afford to compromise on performance, luxury and practicality can’t also wait to get their hands on the new toy.

The car comes in 3.3 litre diesel and 3.5 liter petrol V6 engines, which might mean Kenyans will have to do away with the V8 nickname given to its predecessor.

You cannot however rule out that many will still refer to it as “ile V8 mpya”.



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