Joho in trouble after insulting Uhuru 

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is in trouble after insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta with NASA leaders announcing...

Governor Hassan Joho

Speaking in Mombasa on Sunday, Omar stated that Joho had been attacking the Head of State to seek sympathy votes instead of telling the residents what he had done for them.

The Senator demanded that Joho state his achievements since he was elected in 2013 instead of picking unnecessary fights with Kenyatta.

"Abusing the President is not heroism. We can only celebrate you if you deliver on the development promises you made and created jobs for the jobless youth," Omar was quoted by the Standard.

The President and the ODM deputy party leader have been at logger heads with the latter accusing Kenyatta of taking credit for development projects initiated by the World Bank.

However, the President recently told Joho that instead of attacking him, he should focus on helping the people of Mombasa who elected him.

“Joho can abuse me for the whole day, but that will not give me sleepless nights.

“Bravery is not in insulting others. Bravery will only be seen on what you have been able to deliver to your people as development. Clear the garbage menace in Mombasa first before anything else,” the Head of State affirmed.

There is no path to Peace – Peace is the path. We at call-up all KENYANS for peaceful General Election.


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