10 Reasons Fish Make Good Pets

Here is why fish make good pets

10 Reasons Fish Make Good Pets (Photo: Courtesy/Aquarium co-op)

It is ok to admit it – when you think about getting yourself or your children a pet, the last thing that comes to mind is fish or a fish tank. Fish aquariums seem like something you only see in a fancy restaurant or at a big aquarium that features marine life from all over the globe.

But, believe it or not, fish are excellent starter pets and studies have even been conducted that show that owning an aquarium can actually have health benefits for the owner. That’s right, owning an aquarium can be good for your health. The presence of a fish tank in the home and the owner spending time watching the fish swim throughout the day has a soothing effect on not only the mind but also the body (which we will discuss further down in the post).

Still not convinced as why or how fish can make good pets? Then you want to keep reading!

Fish are extremely low maintenance when compared to pets such as cats and dogs, hamsters, reptiles, etc. They are self-sufficient in the sense that as long as they have clean water, light during the right times, and food supply – they are happy and content. Installing a secure water filtration system will help maintain the aquarium as well as the water is continuously filtered to remove impurities and contaminants. Cascade is a good choice!

The most maintenance you will have to do with your fish is the cleaning of their aquarium on a scheduled basis. Once that is done, you are free to enjoy your day and your fish are free to do the same.

When it comes to other types of pets, they can get lonely if they are the only ones in the home during the day and their humans are at work or school. This can sometimes manifest itself into anxiety issues which is never a good thing for the pet or the owners. Fish, however, are perfectly content being alone or certain species of fish are excellent community members. That means you could have multiple fish in your tank if you chose!

People have a misconceived notion that fish aquariums and tanks must carry a stench that will travel through the air of the home. This is incorrect because only a dirty, unmaintained fish tank will have a stench and that’s usually accompanied by green, murky water which is caused by an algae and waste buildup. As long you clean your tank as per the instructions, then you won’t have this problem!

Having to feed the fish the same time every day, clean the tank on a schedule, and manually turning on/off the lighting system are excellent ways to teach a child responsibility for another living being. They will learn how pets come to depend on their owners for everything and they will experience a sense of accomplishment when their fish are thriving and healthy!

Owning a fish tank can have a positive impact on your mental health. You will witness firsthand the determination of these little marine creatures and how they will get themselves from point A to point B, regardless of any obstacle. Watching your fish swim around the tank soothes the mind and relaxes the body, allowing for the escape of stress and tension.

Fish owners, especially those with aquariums, tend to have a lower blood pressure than others because of the soothing and relaxing feeling they experience while watching their fish swim around the tank. Studies have shown that those who own aquariums are also at a lower risk for dementia and heart disease for the same reason.

Fish tend to be on the lower end of the price scale when it comes to purchasing them for your tank (unless you are planning to purchase exotic fish that are not typically found in your local pet store). Fish can be purchased in bundles and certain species are safe to live together in the same tank, so you are able to have an array of fish. Except for their food, water filters, and a slight jump in electricity costs (lighting, etc.), they are pretty cheap to take care of!

If you live in an apartment building or townhouse, then owning a pet that has a vocal presence can be difficult. Fish don’t have any vocal presence and the only sound you will hear would be the slight murmur and gurgle that comes from the tank itself. You will never have to worry about neighbors complaining about your pets nor will they keep you up at night.

Think fish must be boring and all they do is swim all day? That isn’t correct and you can actually train your fish to complete tricks to amuse their observers. Train your fish to follow your finger along the glass of their tank. You can also train them to come to the surface of the water for their food, train them to seek and find objects, and even train them to enjoy a slight stroking when they come to the surface of the water.

You won’t have to worry about finding enough space inside and outside the house for your fish. Their world is contained within the glass walls of their tank and that is where they feel the safest.

Fish are the type of pet that is perfect for the first-time pet owner or the type of pet that will suit someone with a busy lifestyle. Granted, the interaction with pets such as cats and dogs is without a doubt livelier; but this constant need for interaction can be a damper to some people who love to travel or have to travel for work and will spend large chunks of time away from home. That is why fish make good pets along with the reasons outlined above.

Because doesn’t the thought of unwinding in front of your aquarium in the evening after a long day at the office, with only the lighting system being the only source of light in the room, a glass of your favorite relaxing beverage in your hand while watching the shimmering flashes of watery light and vivid color of the fish sound appealing?


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