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7 celebrity make-up fails

Beauty goes beast!

7 celebrity make up fails

Make up is one of the strongest tools a woman can have, it is a life saver. Eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer, blush and lipstick, are some of the items that enhance women’s looks, makes them feel better about themselves and boost their self-esteem.

According to a study called “Cosmetics”, make up also makes people trust you. Surprised? Me too. It also hides uneven skin tone, dark spots, eyebags and wrinkles.

Since make up is an art and skill, it requires time, dedication and the right eye for details in order to have the perfect beat. It's all about the right amount of concealing, highlighting and contouring.

Sometimes, people make unfortunate choices in the products by going for the wrong shades and the results are usually unflattering shocking and disastrous.


Our celebrities are not immune to a make-up disaster. Some have graced the red-carpet events or taken photos with smudged mascara, overdone make up, kooky contours, cakey base or in an unflattering shade of lipstick. The make-up that’s made to turn them into beauties, turns them into beasts instead.

Pulse police launched an investigation into celebrities whose make up went south and here is the list.

The president of single mothers, Esther Akoth aka Akothee has proved to us that she can manage Akothee Safaris and sing, but doing her make-up has proved to be an impossible task. Akothee who received the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) award for the best female artiste of East Africa was a hot mess as she went to receive her trophy.


Her make-up was unblended, not contoured, her lace wig was not well set and the red dress she had didn’t look like the kind of dress an artiste would wear to a red carpet.

She was advised to get a make-up artiste to prep and primp her to perfection, since she needs to look good all the time.

Popular socialite Vera Sidika has always looked hot, not only in her dressing but also her make-up.


Earlier this year, she left her fans dumbstruck after King Kaka, posted her picture on his timeline, with Vera looking different from how she looks on Social media. The two were in Nevada where King Kaka was performing. It's evident that there were no filters put in the photo.

The voluptuous beauty had used a lighter shade of highlighter than her face and had an oily finishing.

Lilian Ngang’a, the wife to Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, made a make-up blunder after a lipstick fail that saw her apply her red lipstick above the lip line. Angry netizens attacked her saying that she needed lipstick classes because drawing over the lip line was not for full lipped ladies like her.


Some recommended nude lipstick for her while others mentioned that the problem was not the lipstick, but her lips.

Nyota Ndogo has had several make up accidents in the last couple of years. During her own wedding, the ‘Watu na viatu’ singer overdid her make up and netizens trolled her instead of celebrating her on the most important day of her life. People called it ghostly.

She had cakey foundation, poorly drawn eyebrows and dazzling red and blue eyelids. She came out to defend herself, saying the pictures were taken under poor lighting. The coast songstress also defended her make up artiste stating that she had done a good job.


She later decided to enroll in make-up classes.

The well-groomed preacher was trolled by fans after she posted a picture of her not blended make up.

Her eyebrows were poorly drawn and the concealer could be visibly seen above them


Sitolia hit maker, Gloria Muliro who looks good even without make up shocked netizens after she posted her photo with blueish eyeshadow that stretched all the way to her not too well-drawn eyebrows.


In September, the ‘Kitoko’ Singer, Avril Nyambura, posted a selfie on her Instagram where she either did not use enough pressed powder or any at all. Her foundation was lighter than her skin tone and her eyebrows were poorly drawn too. Fans came out to tell her she had used too much make up. Others suggested that ‘amepakwa vumbi ya kitengela kwa uso’.


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