8 Kenyan celebrities who have lost more than 20 Kgs (Photos)

Incredible weight loss transformations.

Celebrities who have lost more than 20Kgs

These celebs have eaten, exercised and even gastric bypass-ed their way to slimmer, healthier physiques that definitely make us want to hit the gym this year.

To start us off is;

Big Ted - 70 Kgs

Big Ted started out weighing a whopping 256 Kgs to his 6’4 height. His dedication to living a healthy lifestyle paid off as he now looks very lean and is virtually unrecognizable.

To kick off his weight loss journey, he underwent gastric bypass surgery in India before he vowed to shed off weight to a healthier 90 Kgs.

“I am a big boy. I’m six foot four and I was 256kgs. I underwent a procedure which has helped me loose 5kgs in 4 days. My ideal weight is 90 Kgs and I'm working towards the 90 Kgs through healthy living, healthy lifestyle, and a very well calculated thought process of what I'm consuming. I am on the way to being a healthy guy.” He promised in a video that was doing rounds online.

2.Anerlisa Muigai- 58 Kilograms

In 2017, Anerlisa left many people shocked after finally winning the battle with the bulge by losing 58 Kilograms. This was after a gruelling 10-year battle with weight that involved yo-yo dieting, juicing and joining a weight loss camp.

Her transformation came after 2 years of a vegan diet, juicing, patience and gyming 4 times a week.

She celebrated the fruits of her success through a post that read “Two years later I never thought I’d look into the mirror and appreciate myself. Today I am 66kgs from 124kg. It’s not been easy but I made it.”

3.Abdullswamad Shariff Nassir - 46 Kgs

Mvita MP Abdullswamad Shariff Nassir was looking all David Bheckam-ish after losing a whopping 46 Kgs!

“I weighed a staggering 130kg and honestly, it was getting a bit scary. The extra kilos made me look too old and twice, my wife was referred to as my daughter…I currently oscillate between 84kg — 87kg and my waistline has dropped from 44 inches to 34 inches with a well-sculpted body. Now they refer to my daughter as my younger sister!” he told Nation Newspaper.

4.Kalekye Mumo - 40 Kgs

Kalekeye Mumo lost 40 Kgs before she clocked 40.

This was all thanks to Fat Loss Lab Kenya an individualized and medically monitored weight loss program that uses food to balance hormones causing a rapid weight loss.

5.Fashionable Step Mum- 36 Kgs

The lifestyle vlogger lost 36 Kgs after undergoing a mini gastric bypass. She decided to do it as she was already going under the knife to rectify a condition called hiatus hernia which is where a section of the stomach pushes into the chest cavity through an opening (hiatus) in the diaphragm.

“The doctor advised me to do a mini gastric bypass. So they would do this together, he would fix the hernia and also do the gastric bypass…So the two were successful and after the surgery I stayed in India for a while and you only eat liquids and jellies and by the time I came home I had lost 9kilos and that gave me the psyche to continue with my weight loss journey I know most of you will say it was a shortcut well to each their own, for me it was something I did to fast-track my weight loss journey,” she said on a YouTube video.

6.Yummy Mummy - 30Kgs

Yummy Mummy also known as Joan Munyi boasts of a 30 Kg weight loss. The hilarious lifestyle blogger/YouTube personality went on a low carb diet as she wanted to feel confident and sexy and feel good while wearing clothes. In addition, she wanted to be in the best physical shape for her family.

Joan disclosed that she added 27 Kilograms during her pregnancy and was 107 Kgs when she gave birth to her daughter. But she is now much lighter after losing 30 Kilograms in a year thanks to a change in lifestyle.

“I decided to go on a low carb diet, the Keto diet. I don’t talk about it like a diet but a lifestyle as it’s something that I want to do my whole life and basically what it involves is I cut out all sugar, I cut out all refined carbohydrates. I cut out all carbohydrates that are not gotten from green vegetables so now my diet consists of is meat and veggies, ” she disclosed on her YouTube Channel.

7.Johnson Sakaja - 24 Kgs

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has been looking a lot trimmer recently and there is a reason for that, exercise and a better diet.

The Senator has been hitting the gym on a regular, watching his portion size and reducing his carbohydrate intake. Factors which he revealed helped him lose 24 Kgs.

“I have lost 24 Kilos, na bado…Diet ni muhimu, just reduce the quantities na carbohydrates mingi, just add healthy foods halafu kuchapa tizi,” He said on Milele FM.

He also advised against excessive alcohol consumption as it contributes to calorie intake. “Adui sio nyama ni pombe, that’s what adds calories mingi sana, kama lazma unywe unapunguza tu. Afya ni muhimu.”

8.Carol Atemi - 20 Kgs

Songbird Carol Atemi took to Facebook to flaunt her incredible transformation after losing 20 Kgs within a span of 5 months. The weight loss was spurred by clean eating and working hard.

“This is my before and after...5 months and 20kgs later :) Eating clean and working hard! 15kgs from my goal weight!” the thrilled singer wrote.


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