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This is why Achieng Abura was abandoned by her friends before she died

Some two months before she died, Ms Abura told Biko Zulu that her friends had deserted her.

In an exclusive interview with Biko Zulu that was published on Business Daily on July 7th, Achieng Abura revealed that her friends abandoned her because of her son’s condition.

Abura’s son is suffering from a heart condition and sickle cell anaemia; conditions that made the Afro-jazz singer drain her finances to make sure her son gets medical treatment.

Abura told Biko Zulu that she tried raising Kes 4 million so that she could have her son travel to the UK for specialized treatment.

But to her disappointment, less than 10 people turned up for the fund raising initiative which she had called. This despite Achieng being a popular figure in the Kenyan entertainment industry.


“Let me put it straight up. There is this notion that we artistes are very rich, and yes, we don’t do too poorly. But five years is a long time to maintain a situation. I called a harambee and there was less than 10 people.” Achieng told Biko Zulu when he asked her whether she tried reaching out to fellow performing artistes for financial help.

Achieng further revealed that only Suzanne Owiyo and Makadem helped her raise money for her son’s treatment.

She told Biko that the experience left her with only a few people whom she could call ‘true friends’.

“You have to define your friends very carefully. This experience has brought me new friends and it has also taught me that the ones I thought were my friends are not quite my friends. They are those people who stick around you because they like the oomph that comes with your name. So if you drop a little bit, they take off.”


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