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Singer reveals why she likes to turn up with her teenage daughters and buy them expensive alcohol

Watching Akothee and keeping up with her on Instagram is always super-interesting because she is one who speaks her mind and is not afraid of controversy.

Akothee and her daughters

And they especially love her interviews, because no one has interesting interviews quite like Akothee, the only person who can challenge her to an interesting interview is Prezzo or Bridget Achieng.

Akothee was in usual form when she sat down with Larry Madowo on this week’s edition of 'The Trend' . She opened up about giving birth at 14, the logic behind her controversial song ‘Benefactor’ and why she parties with her kids among other issues.

On how she raises her kids


"I don’t ask my kids uko wapi uko nani (their whereabouts), they know when to come home and what they should do.

Actually we are throwing a bash for my 19 year old girl. I’m gonna party with them with my girls at PataPata that night. We are gonna turn up! Because after 18 you are allowed to do what you want right? I want to be the first person to buy them those expensive drinks so that a man cannot come and short change them for me because they know we can afford it right?

I just teach them well." She said.

On maintaining a sexy body after getting pregnant 6 times and giving birth to 5 kids

" I’m blessed with good genes. Secondly I’m not a lazy person. I’m always running around because I’ve tasted poverty and I've tasted money. Being broke isn’t funny, having money is fun. I’m busy chasing money 24/7 I’ve no time for fat to settle. " She said after twirling for the audience.


On her song ‘Benefactor’. Is it encouraging girls to date sponsors/blessers/benefactors/sugar daddies?

“ I ’m not encouraging them because it is already happening, I’m teaching them not to settle for less.” She said amid cheers.

“It is happening. Larry listen when the man the age of my father buys me a handbag worth 500,000  Khs he is giving me popcorn so that I can come tomorrow and again. But he knows when he buys me land, I will build a house and I will not need him anymore.

Don’t settle for Instagram photos, we are tired of seeing your hotel room, show me your kitchen.” She said in regards to how ladies think being in a 5 star hotel room waiting for their sponsor is worth flaunting while in actual fact having their own home is worth much more.

In regards to the ‘for richer or for poor’ clause in the marriage vows


" Who wants to settle for poor? A man without money? The only thing I can accept is in sickness or in health. I’m always on exit…hapo kwa mlango. You get broke…pap! Kisigino!(heel) " She said, eliciting laughter and more cheers from the audience.

Watch the rest of the clip below:

Akothee on the trend


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