Akothee’s advice to men on taking care of their ladies

That one girl is your girl love her and cherish her!

Akothee collapses on stage

Kenyan singer and businesswoman Esther Akoth aka Akothee has urged men to love and take care of their ladies irrespective of how rich and powerful they are.

The award-winning singer said that women are sensitive creatures who give their all in relationships and invest in whatever it takes to keep a man.

“Every woman needs a man who can take care of the small girl in her😍 , it doesn't matter how rich, powerful a woman is ,A woman is still a woman and should be taken care of with love and care , ❤women are very sensitive creatures ,they harbor alot in their stomachs , they give it all in a relationship, they invest whatever it takes to keep their man, well, there is very limited space left for toxic relationships ,take care of your woman if you have one ,“ read part of Akothee’s post.

The Rollam singer urged men to love, cherish and constantly remind their ladies of how much they care, love and adore them and most importantly how beautiful they are. Akothee revealed that most women were rebellious in their relationships because they felt some kind of rejection.

that girl,that one girl , is your girl ,love her cherrish her, remind her ,how much you care and love her, remind her that she is beautiful and that you adore her , you will receive healing in your relationship,most women are rebelious because they feel some kind of rejection, this makes them build a block of some characters, just to protect the small girl in them.be careful A woman can build and can destroy. Don't take advantage of a quite woman ,still waters run deeeeeep 🙏🙏 " said Akothee

This comes a few days after the entrepreneur urged people to live life like it is and not to be caught up in social media pressure of living a fake lifestyle.

The president of single mothers went ahead to tell people that they could edit their photos and live a life full of lies, but they cannot edit their life and live a life free from the lies.

“You can edit your photos and live a life full of lies, but you can't edit your life and live a life free from lies, face reality , you can't lie to yourself , but you can fool the world!” said Akothee.

The sweet love hit maker added that living an expensive life on Social media was a state of mind and that people should embrace life as it is. She went ahead to uplift them and inform them that they were doing better than most of the things people post on social media.

Nobody cares until they meet you in real life living a lie 😂😂 then you will know , that Living an Expensive life on social media is a state of mind 💪 live your life like it is ! You are doing better than most of the things you see posted on social media 💪💪💪” read Akothee’s post


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