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Akothee loses Sh500K from her account in 2 days, vows to storm bank

Akothee revealed that she is currently handling two cases and in the latest one, Sh500k was accessed by ATM in just 2 days, including from places she has never been to


Award-winning singer Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee has taken to social media to share her plight after huge sums of money were withdrawn from her accounts, taking issues with a reputable bank.

The mother of five explained that she is currently handling two cases after her accounts were compromised, leading to the loss of hefty amounts of money.

“Can banks be trusted anymore ?” Akothee wrote before explaining further.

“Because I am handling two cases with a highly reputable bank that has been handling my money for years. I am one of those clients who don't even read my bank statements, Stupidity made me think they are professionals until My account was compromised.”


The businesswoman noted that the case in question dates back to February 2022 with the bank taking her in circles and declining to take responsibility.

“There is a case pending since February 2022 that they have not been able to sort and have refused to take responsibility, they keep managing me with long stories . They equally know I don't have bank loans , I have Zero stress and our relationship is banking and withdrawing.” Akothee wrote.

Sh500K accessed through ATM in record 2 days

She noted that in the second case, hefty sums of money left her account through ATM in record time at a time when her ATM withdrawal limit is Sh30,000.


“The second case just happened on September 12th ,that huge amount of money left my account through an ATM🤔 while personally I have never accessed more than 30k from an ATM ,if I need more than 30k I will have to call the bank to extend my limit 🤔 ,on which planet could someone access more than 500k in two days by ATM 🤔🤔🤔.in some places I have never stepped my foot".

“They have been taking me rounds and managing me . If this particular bank doesn't get back to me with a solid answer on how my money left my account, and if they are paying my money ,and the pending case of my card since 2022 they will feel my presence in their headquarters on Monday. Relationship ya pesa sina.” She added.

She promised to storm the bank’s headquarters to collect her money in person should an explanation not be provided with the money in question returned.

“I will be going there with my team to collect my money, kama ni vita Basi i iwepo . I have no sponsor sending me money,I work for my money …I want my money back in my Account by Monday. Natataka pesa zangu.” Akothee added.


The mother of five did not name the bank in question, but sought to know if other people have had similar experiences.


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