Baby I just want to have triplets for you – Akothee tells her Manager

Akothee leaves tongues wagging with her love confession

The singer who seems to be taking things to another level, has confessed that she will love to gift her manager with triplets as a sign of her Love to him.

The two have been in a very tight working relationship, but they seem to be crossing the boundaries and diving into the deep water of Love.

Akothee’s romantic messages comes as an answer to the many questions, her fans have been asking, of whether the two are an item or its just Business.

“ iishe if we start dropping one after another some will give up on the way due to lack of new insults and you know we don't need common insults we need new ones for every episode ” reads Akothee’s Caption in one of her Photos

The singer goes ahead to pour out her heart to the manager, promising to love him with all her heart.

“Acha nikupende baby na moyo wangu” added Akothee

The Manager Nelson Oyugi also responded with some sweet word, stating that giving and receiving love is the greatest pleasure ever.

“Giving love is the highest pleasure Recieving it back is the greatest treasure. You can't be mad at her, she is just sweet in her own way too funny for life  you a blessing to the world” reads Nelson Oyugi post on Instagram.

“Eiiiii saaawaaaaaaai… died wamezidi yawa,” wrote Celly Rue Brown.

Is Akothee and her Manager taking Kenyans for a ride with their fake romance? Only time will tell, because it could be a plan for their Next song.


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