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Amber Ray stirs social media with bold proclamation as she moves back to Syokimau

Guess who is back in Syokimau? ….. Meeeeeeeeeee! 🥳 This time na bwana yangu 🤣 -Amber Ray

Kenyan celebrity couple Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo

Socialite Amber Ray has ditched the leafy suburbs of Kilimani for a palatial home in Syokimau.

The mother of two proudly announced her return to Syokimau noting that unlike during her past stint in the area, this time she was returning with a husband of her own.

" Guess who is back in Syokimau? ….. Meeeeeeeeeee! 🥳 This time na bwana yangu 🤣……ni asanda Ngai mwa🙌🏽😇. #amberthebrand💁🏻,” Amber Ray stated in the capotion of a video shared on her social media accounts.

The video starts with the diva being tripped by a man sitting by the roadside she accidentally swipes her card while struggling to maintain her balance before landing in the front door of the house.


The door is opened by Kennedy Rapudo who comes holding the couple’s baby, Africannah.

Rapudo warmly welcomes her home with the couple proceeding to give a brief tour of the tastefully-designed home.

His Range Rover and her Jeep can be seen parked within the compound.


Past drama in Syokimau

Amber Ray is no stranger to Syokimau where she lived in the past before parting ways with her ex, businessman Jimal Rohosafi.

It is here where drama unfolded years back when Amber Ray was romantically involved with businessman Jimal Rohosafi who at the time was also married to Amira.

The frequent drama saw the phrase, “Real Housewives of Syokimau” gain currency among a section of netizens who owing to the endless drama that spilled to social media.

A section of netizens opined that the couple may not have bought the house in question, with some speculating that it could be a marketing video for a client.


Her bold proclamations that this time she was returning with a husband of her own, perhaps in reference to her past in Syokimau did not escape the attention of netizens who reacted to the video as sampled in the comments below.

Bold proclamation excites netizens

vijiegachiri: U r too funny 😂 😂ati this time na bwana yako 😂

g_fh2b: The bwana yangu part got me🥰 wow just Wow I love seeing this two together.

90dfy: At least nimeona Africanah. I had missed her ! ❤️ Also congratulations baby girl . The Na Bwana yangu was so unnecessary though 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️. Ataiwe Yesu 🙌😂


shes_kemunto: Congratulations Amber , that’s a beautiful home ❤❤

creativephill: Congratulations are in order from above Watu wangu…..🙌🙌🙌😍

Shirohphylis: Najua wengi hiyo part ya My man ndio tutaskip tukijifanya . 😂😂😂 Hivyo ndiyo iko wadau

irenejoyngetich_: Hongera sana amber, u deserve


sharonshajema: Sijaelewa hapo kwa kutegwa na kuswipe 🤦‍♀️

mwi3tu: 😂😂😂😂 I just love you. Umesema na BWANA YAKO!

sia_wakanice: Hapo Kwa bwana yangu ongezea mafuta


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