The one phone call that changed my life- Jalang’o reveals

God's timing is the Best

Speaking during his Daily Breakfast show on Hot 96 (#TheHotBreakFast) Jalango revealed that the call he received from a lady called Ida from Safaricom asking him to link up with her at their offices for a meeting, changed his life completely.

“So am seated with my mother , but just one call changed everything, so a lady calls me and introduces herself as Ida, she tell me that I have been invited for meeting at Safaricom today. You know when Ida calls you ,you have  to go running. I go we sat down and she tells me we have down research and voted and you came out as the man who should host Safaricom Live across the country. She asks me if I was available and ready to sign the contract, with joy I replied yes. She tables that contract and the figures presented on the contract were just extra ordinary. It was more than enough.”

But being the brand he was he refused to sign the contract saying that the money was not enough but deep inside he knew it was more than enough. After bargaining for a few minutes, the company agreed to add him another Sh200, 000 on top of the first pay.

“The Safaricom Live was my first biggest contract to sign in my career. After signing the contract I was on billboards everywhere in the country."

Jalang’o who lives by the Bio on his Twitter handle “No Salary can match my Dreams” had promised himself not to settle for less.

“After going around the country with the Safaricom team. Money was paid, I went straight home. Reaching at where my mother was staying by that time and I cried. I asked her if she knew any selling land from where she was staying. she gave me people she knew and  I went straight away and bought her three acres of land”. I went back to Nairobi, got my second Gig in a bid to hustle for money to build her a good house. Money checked in I was able to build her a three bedroomed house”

when I remember how they jump started my life.


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