Anerlisa Muigai confirms she has broken up with new boyfriend

Anerlisa acknowledges her mistake and moves on

The lass shared a post on her Instagram acknowledging the mistakes she has done in her past relationships adding that she is not looking into any serious relationship.

"For now I am not looking into any serious relationship because my main focus is my work and my current mood is Being Myself, read part of her post.

Lessons learnt

The Nero Company CEO has admitted that publicizing her fiancée in social media was one big mistake she had done. In her long post, she also mentioned that she will not discuss marriage or children if a man cannot take care of half of her bills.

Anerlisa further pointed out that her focus is currently on work and not relationships. Her long post read:

Social media post

“Me looking at people who think I make bad decisions in relationships....No dears, I know exactly what I am doing... one thing I make clear before any relationship is to not discuss marriage or children if at all they cannot take care of half of my bills. I am not against anyone not able to do that but it's just that, somebody once told me that you have to let a man feel like a man and there is nothing wrong with women providing everything it's just that eventually the man always feels less of a man and that's why they go for women below you who will boost their ego. Again in my position I have to be very careful as most people would love to trap me in different ways and most come to me with the wrong intentions. I would also never walk down the aisle knowing very well things may never work out in the future. One mistake though I have done in the past is to publicize people which I have come to realize is not necessary, Anerlisa wrote"

Her Instagram post has confirmed reports that have been doing rounds on the media that Anerlisa and her boyfriend Don parted ways.

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