Anerlisa Muigai leaves tongues wagging with shocking statements

The Keroche heiress shocked many with her out-of-character statements.

Many suspect that her tirade on Insta stories was fuelled by a story that was leaked to The Star Newspaper on Monday. The paper reported that Anerlisa was shacking up with a foreign lady who studies at one of the local campuses.

The lady is said to have caused a rift in her former relationship with Don as the Keroche heiress allegedly had an affair with the foreign beauty.

Well, it seems that the source of the explosive article is someone who was once in Anerlisa’s circle as the business lady claims that the source was paid 20,000 shillings for the story.

“So somebody is selling my stories for 20K because they are bitter I dumped them. At least my upkeep for you was higher. And if at all I dumped you for a lesbo …your D game must have been down," Read some of Anerlisa’s sensational posts.

She had earlier claimed that there is a budget for ‘b*tch n*ggaz.’ “N*ggas be like we eat her money but they don’t know we actually have a budget for b*tch n*ggaz. People who have wronged you will always think everything you post or do is about them.”

These posts came as a shock to many fans as the Keroche Heiress is known to take the high road when it comes to such matters or appeal to the humanity of her followers but this time the claws came out.

“This side of me appears once in 5 years and it’s only when I’m provoked,” Anerlisa wrote explaining her out-of-character behaviour.


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