Anerlisa Muigai dresses down overweight critics in explosive posts

Be warned!!

Anerlisa Muigai dresses down overweight critics in explosive posts

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has sent out an explosive message to people who criticize her over her weight.

In a series of posts on her Instagram page, Anerlisa said that she would address the issue of using surgery to lose weight once and for all.

Ms. Muigai said that if she lost weight through surgery she would look better than she is and would not gain weight as she does sometimes.

She went on to say that just because she started sharing details of her life publicly does not mean anyone has a right to talk about her weight, adding that she shares all of that out of choice.

Anerlisa added that people who continue to abuse her could be the ones still struggling to lose weight because they don’t watch the food they eat and attacking her to feel better will not help any of them lose weight.

Here is her post;

Let me address this issue once and for all. The amount of people always ready to talk about my weight and always monitoring it!!! I am not a book and nor will I ever be perfect. Let me enlighten some of you about me. I was never big all my life, I gained weight 5 years ago in a span of two years and decided to lose the weight. The size I am right now is my normal size, the only people that knew me like this are my real and closest people. So just because I let you into my life 3 years ago and decided to talk about my weight loss journey doesn’t give you the right to talk about my weight. I … and I repeat, “I let you know about my weight loss journey because I felt like and I thought you’d be inspired and it’s not like I don’t see your nasty false allegation about my weight loss. Some of you be sending me DMs and pretending to care… some of the people who attack me, are probably always eating the wrong food and always expecting to lose weight. If you run as much as you run your mouth you’d be smaller than Vanessa Mdee by now and by attacking me you feel like you get some comfort for yourself but truth remains you are still overweight until you do something about it and let me also educate you about surgery, if somebody had surgery they cannot and I repeat… cannot add weight and reduce the way I do.

Surgery is a permanent solution, I don’t have a permanent solution. If it was permanent, you’d never see comments like “umeanza kunona” “watch what you eat” “weight is calling” Yes!!! I add weight now and then because I am human…you get that…I am human and I’m not perfect. So please don’t expect perfection from me… before I forget… this lipo business you keep accusing me for!!! If I had done lipo or any sort of cosmetic surgery, I’d definitely have a super flat stomach and my arms would be the first to go. And mark this…if I happen to do any I will be the first to tell you. Nothing to be shy about, these things are common


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