Anne Kiguta Challenges KOT to hit the streets over King Kaka’s “Wajinga Nyinyi”

Wajinga Nyinyi has also clocked 1 Million views within 48 hours

Anne Kiguta Challenges KOT to hit the streets over King Kaka’s “Wajinga Nyinyi”

Media Personality Anne Kiguta has challenged Netizens to actualize their revolution calls following King Kaka’s "Wajinga Nyinyi" artistic work that blew-up Twitter.

The K24 new anchor mentioned that Kenyans are always good at talking but very few take the initiative to changes things.

Ms Kiguta mentioned that real change happens when people hit the streets to protest or petition for the change they want to see.

Stop complaining and hit the ground

“Actual change doesn’t happen behind keyboards, it happens when Citizens engage kwa hiyo ground mahali vitu ni different. We love to complain in Kenya and I know there is so much to complain about but until the day we are willing to back-it up with real action kwa ground nothing will change. We Kenyans complaining about institutions like KPLC online, How many actually go to this offices and demand that change or petition their Member of parliament to act up or the Ministry to do something about it. You know I can only think about one. Governor Waiguru id often portrait as the high-priestess of corruption but why did Kenyans elect her. Same goes for Governor Sonko, he has been an elected leader since 2010, why did Nairobians vote for him. Is it because of the Wajinga Sisi phenomena?” said Anne Kiguta.

She added that Kenyans On Twitter are well known-Keyboard Worriers who will trend a matter for a few days, then forget about it completely.

Lobby and Protest for Change

“I have been saying it on this program and today I say it again. The office of Citizen of the republic of Kenya is a high calling and an office of action. It means if you don’t like what is happening, you need to engage and change it, and not just on tweet, but in the real world, the old school way, where you wake up and you lobby, you protest and you petition and you vote. It’s not for crowds this thing, it needs doing something real in the real world. Real change is going to inconvenience you. It will inconvenience you to attend Baraza’s and engage the administration and it will cost you more just your time if you ever decided to go out and protest. And it means when you start engaging, you remain engaged not just on Election Day but everyday thereafter” said Kiguta.

Over the weekend, the Kaka Empire CEO, released a song “Wajinga Nyinyi” highlighting the sorry state of the nation bedeviled by corruption, unemployment, stalling projects and failed promises.

The bold artistic work sparked an endless discussion among Kenyans, with a section championing for a revolution.

The song has also made history, becoming the first Kenyan Hip-hop (Spoken-word song) to hit 1 million views within 48 hours (2-days).

Wajinga Nyinyi


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