Annoying habits Kenyan women love

Mi hukunywa expensive drinks si kina Konyagi

Annoying habits Kenyan women love

Kenyan women can be a pain in the neck. If they are not talking about how men are trash, or sticking long eye lashes that can fly a helicopter; they are struggling to walk in high heels that can leave them disabled for life.

Some of these troublesome habits are very irritating especially to men. Pulse Live ran a quick check, and came up with some of the annoying habits that Kenyan women love.

Nitumie fare

Kenyan women were born asking for fare. Even if they have the cash, they’ll still ask for it. Immediately they get the money, they will come up with excuses or tell you that they are on their way only not to show up.

Guys know that sometimes this can be a scam, but because of their ‘thirst’ they’ll still send the money and get disappointed. Once bitten twice shy has never applied to them.

Borrowing cash

Kenyan women love borrowing cash and they usually do it for the wrong reasons. A lady will plead, beg and even request someone, a man in this case to send them money because they have an emergency but they will never return the cash. And we all know that there wasn't an emergency right?

I’m fine/ it’s okay

When a lady is pissed off or angry, she will still admit that she is okay. She will even smile and declare that she is not mad but deep down, she is almost exploding. A guy will be punished with the silent treatment and still be expected to read her mind and figure out what is wrong.

Oh poor boychild!

Bringing up past issues

A lady will remember something you did wrong two years ago at exactly 4pm when she had just come from the Salon. She might not remember whom she lent her jacket, but she will remember the day you didn't text her or the day she found you talking to another girl.

Whether you did the mistake three years ago, or changed for better, the past will always come up in a conversation to remind you how bad you are as a person.

Tagging friends on a date

They say birds of the same feathers flock together but in Nairobi, friends of the same circle go on a date together. A lady will be invited out for a date and she will show up with four of her friends and milk the man dry.

All the friends will order fries, chicken and juice because they cant think of something better, take pictures and post them on Facebook with the caption ‘girls day out’ #girlstreat.

And if that’s not enough, a not so clever friend will request the man to take them out for drinks.

Over reacting

While men remain calm and collected in provoking situations, women go wild. They blow things out of proportion and create an issue where there isn’t one. This can be embarrassing especially if an argument ensues in public.

I’ll be ready in five

If a lady tells you this, go back to sleep and wake up after an hour or so. She won’t be ready anytime soon. Before she gets ready, she will have to change her outfit almost four times, take an hour and a half to do her make up and find the perfect shoes and bag. You will meet her an hour and a half later.

What are we?

You glanced at a lady’s direction by mistake and now she is asking you what are we. Men dread that question especially if they are not really sure of what’s going on. Women will go ahead and pressure men about this issue until they almost commit suicide because of the stress and pressure.

Smelly wigs

Maintaining natural hair can be quite hectic especially because our hair is never soft. Most women use this excuse to keep wigs for a long time until they start growing roots and molds.

The poor wig will accumulate dust, heat, get rained on and will still be on someone’s head until it changes color starts stinking like a dumpsite.

Wearing too much make up

Make up is life to a Nairobian lady. Some women will put on layers and layers of make up until it’s hard to recognize them without it. You will hug a lady and she will leave her foundation, concealer, eyelashes, and her eyebrow drawing on your shirt.

Niitishie uber

Ever since the introduction of Uber, Bolt and Little cab, women have been disgusted by matatus. They’d rather take an Uber even where its not necessary. And obviously, it’s the guy who will have to pay for it.

Free drinks/meals

You’d rather kill a Kenyan lady than have her use her own money. Ladies love free meals and especially drinks. They will seduce a guy in the club just to have him buy drinks. The lady will even go to an extent of grinding on the man and he will assume he will go home with the lady only to be told that she has a boyfriend.

Taking too many photos

You cannot separate Nairobi ladies from photos. Some of them love photos more than they love their family. They will take photos of everything and make sure they post it on every social media page.

Not clearing a plate of food

A man somewhere will sacrifice his time and money to take a lady on a date only for the lady to misbehave with her food. She will take two bites and say she is full, when the food was quite expensive considering the tough economy.

Giving mixed signals

A lady will give you mixed signals and you won’t know where you exactly stand or what purpose you serve in her life. You will think that you are headed somewhere or that there is hope only for her to tell you that you are her friend. Nothing much.

I have a boyfriend

A guy will say hi to a lady and she will immediately come up with the 'i have a boyfriend' term even if the guy was informing her that she dropped something.


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