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The biggest end-month party happening in Nairobi with the most decorated deejay, Dj Mfalme

Ladies and gentlemen, music and party lovers, Dj Mfalme got something big coming for you tomorrow night.

End month is the most dreaded yet most awaited part of the month! With lots of mixed emotions around it, from salaries being paid to almost ¾’s of the salary dedicated to bills waiting for you. But this end month, things will be different. If for nothing else considered, but being alive and having the most awaited party waiting for you.

Courtesy of top entertainment spot Cubano, The Apocalypse party will be held on Friday the 28 of October, 2016 with Dj Mfame on the decks. The party is strictly adults only and will be an 8hr party plus you’ll get to witness the largest fireworks display to ever touch Kenya skies.

Tell a friend to tell a friend, tag a neighbor along as well, the prices are very affordable and security will be as usual very tight, you have nothing to worry about.

So, we meet up at Cubano, Greenspan Mall, Friday night and party like we just won a jackpot.


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