Kwani nilibreak heart yako - Avril’s response to Naiboi after posing this request

I'd hate to be your chic!

Kwani nilibreak heart yako - Avril’s response to Naiboi after posing this request

Singer Avril gave a classy clap back to 2 in 1 hit maker Naiboi, after he posted a video saying that he wanted to do a collabo with a female artiste but requested fans not to mention Avril.

Naiboi went ahead to say that he was just keeping it real and that 2020 'si mwaka wa makasiriko'.

Mmekuwa mkisema Naiboi anafanya collabo na maboy sana, mnaeza taka nifanye ngoma na female artiste mgani mdeadly mwenye mnabelieve vibe yangu na yake zinaeza endana lemme know anyone mwenye mnafeel anaeza but nisiskie mse anasema Avril. No Avril kwa comment, just keeping it real. 2020 ni mwaka wa kutesa, si waka wa makasiriko so hapo kwa comment remember no Avril,” said Naiboi.

After coming across the video, Avril asked Naiboi to which extent she had broken his heart such that two years later he was still mad at her. She went ahead to say that she’d hate to be his girlfriend and told him to forgive and forget.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 heeeeeeee just got tagged in this!! Duuude kwani nilibreak heart yako aje?? Tweny tweny haitaki makasiriko za 2018, holding on for two years??!!! Gaaaaai. I'd hate to be your chic .. forgive AND forget mschew 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣” read Avril’s response.

Naiboi who wasn’t sparing any chills for Avril went ahead to tell her to post whatever she had to say on her Instagram account adding that, that was the reason why she was not his girlfriend.

"@theavieway that's why u have ur own IG account, enda uandike hizi vitu thats why ua not my Girlfriend," responded Naiboi.

The fall out between the two came about after Avril refused to feature in Naiboi’s video, 2 in 1 only to appear in Otile Brown’s song ‘Kenyan girl'. Avril later revealed that she didn’t feature in Naiboi's video because she was in hospital.


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