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Exclusive: Bahati and Diana Marua address break up rumours

The A-list Gospel couple has spoken.

A rumour that has become a hot topic on the grapevine. During an interview with Pulse Live, the couple chose to put the rumour to bed once and for all.

“What I’ll say about that (the breakup rumours) is that the fact that we are out here living our lives in the public, we accept both negativity and positivity. Not everyone will love you, not everyone will like you, but we don’t really consider destructive criticism because some people will always want to bring you down. But both of us know what has brought us to where we are right now and what matters is the focus we are having right now for our family and for God and what is in our future and that’s about it, the rest are just opinions and we cannot really take them into consideration” Mrs Bahati.

So how do the Bahati’s deal with negative energy and stories surrounding their relationship such as the story of the secret DNA test?


“We sit down and laugh about a particular story, laugh at people who are bringing false stories out there and we are like ‘why would anyone go out there to create a story?’ But at the end of the day we are like you know what babe, regardless of whether we are good or bad, people will always talk and like I said those are just opinions, what matters is what I believe, what he believes and that’s about it.” Marua added.

As for her husband Bahati, marriage life is great, it’s fun although raising a child is no walk in the park.

“Marriage is fun, mtoto ndio anazingua sana. As you can see my eyes are red.”  Bahati said.

Diana also disclosed that she is glad she picked Bahati for a husband. “He is the driving force of the family and I really appreciate all he is doing for our family and for other people, he is not mean, he has a generous heart I thank God for him.”


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