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I miss you at home – Bahati to Diana Marua


Bahati to his wife Diana Marua: I miss you at home

She complained that she was not being given the attention she needed, making her feel like her life had stopped and nothing useful was happening.


Bahati then came out to defend himself saying that Diana’s words meant she did not understand the pain he had to go through on a daily basis, despite knowing the background he came from.

“Kuongea Kwako Kuna Maana Huoni Uchungu Napitia, Naikimbia Shida Nilikotoka Nyumbani Unapajua  is Hard!!!” said Bahati.

The Mama hit maker has now sent another message to his wife Diana Marua confessing that he misses her at their home.

The singer shared a video of his wife which he captioned with the words, “I have missed you Home Mama Heaven”


“It wasn't easy for us especially the first three months. So, it's okay for some of you to not fully understand this. Who said that I should calm down and act up ati when he cheats or doesn't provide? Basi people out here are suffering on the inside with that said, I understand my man is very hardworking and we've never lacked and I appreciate him more for that however, I believe one has to find the perfect balance between his career and family. For me, the best gift a man could ever give his woman is his time, attention and love. That's my typical kind of world,” read part of Diana Marua’s post.


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