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Bahati’s comment on daughters Instagram photo that will make your day

Wewe wacha Uongo- Bahati to Heaven

Bahati’s comment on daughters Instagram photo that will make your day

Caught attention by all means, it's among the 48 laws of power gospel singer Kevin Bahati seems to have mastered in his quest to hit the headlines after pulling multiple stunts.

The Mama hit maker , recently poked fun at his daughter’s photo on Instagram, acting surprised that Heaven was typing some fluent English in the quest to pass a message to her brother Morgan Bahati.

The Photo in question, shows Diana Marua and Morgan chilling with Heaven in their house captioned ; “Swag or what? Look at my brother @morgan_Bahati Thank you for being an awesome big bro and for protecting me everywhere I go.”


Ushaajua kutype kizungu?

Upon landing on the caption, Bahati decided to make fun of his daughter, insinuating that she should stop lying to the public.

“Wewe wacha Uongo. Everywhere you go or everywhere you play. Where do you go without mummy? Alafu ushaajua kutype kizungu?” reads Bahati.

A number of fans also echoed Bahati’s sentiments;

primrosew9@bahatikenya, hii familia though....mtatuonyesha mambo”


baby_jamie_grace@heavenbahati lol Super hilarious”

dollymuthama @diana_marua kulisha huyu mbikingii #BLOCK

akinyi920 @heavenbahati heav block huyu akakulwe na ndogi...”

chemulily @bahatikenya acha kuchomea”


More reactions on the Post

mercy_g_duncan @bahatikenya hehe wanaitwa digital kids, soon @majestybahati pia”

giftsharonne @bahatikenya lakini tusemezane si hapa bahati ww ndo umetype iyo kizungu naukajijibu pia .. heaven ajafika hiyo place ya kupost vitu tunabebwa wana”

ramshizoh @bahatikenya pewa block..alafu account ya mueni iko inactive sana tunakamiss”


mercyluvuno@heavenbahati lakini diana na bahati muko funny”

floridahcheptoor @bahatikenya, she isn't even 2 years yet and she knows how to type... It's called digital world”

wanjiku2246 @heavenbahati see baby your own dad knows that u don’t know how to type...”

Celebrity children


Netizens have always debated on some of the schemes used by celebrities where they open social media accounts for their children, upload photos, caption and still find them commenting on the same posts.

Is this merely seeking attention since they're the same people managing the accounts only that they purport to be surprised on the comment sections.

Celebrity kids have to live in the limelight of the public and are forced to navigate the scrutiny of growing up in the public eye. 

For instance, Bahati and his wife Diana are among celebrities who never shy away from sharing their family life on social media.

All their four kids (Morgan-41K, Heaven-201K and Majesty-48K, Mueni Bahati- 42K) own Instagram pages that enjoy a huge following. The pages are managed by their parents.


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