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Larry Madowo reveals ugly secrets about President Obama’s bitter step-brother

President Obama’s July 2015 visit to Kenya was the genesis of Larry Madowo’s beef with a resentful Malik Obama.

Larry requested Malik for an interview when POTUS visited Kenya to attend 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) only to be surprised by Malik’s outrageous demands.

President Obama’s step-brother demanded to be given Kes 50,000 to be interviewed by NTV. And when Larry declined to meet his demands, Malik rushed to social media to spew gibberish remarks.

Malik/Larry’s beef was reignited by recent development in America’s politics; President Obama’s step-brother has openly endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Malik has been tarnishing the name of America’s President while being interviewed by various news outlets. He says his decision to support Trump was because President Obama had ‘neglected’ him.


Malik’s campaign to taint President Obama’s name was the reason why Larry came forth to reveal his ugly secrets.

The NTV anchor says Malik made a killing selling President Obama’s personal letters. He goes on to reveal that Malik didn’t even use the name “Obama” until recently when Barack Obama was elected President of US.

“Malik Obama went on Fox News last night with Sean Hannity to complain about how Barack is all formal and rigid these days and that he doesn't have enough access to the President. This is the man who sold personal letters that Obama wrote and made a name out of criticizing the president. I interviewed Malik during the nominations for the Siaya governor's seat where he ran as an Independent and went on to lose BIGLY. Even his famous last name didn't help him get elected in the country of his birth. I've experienced four Obamas up-close: Auma, Barack, Malik and Mark. Malik and Mark (who didn't even use the Obama last name until recently) have spent the last few years knocking Barack while Auma is closest to the president. When POTUS was coming to Kenya last year, I asked Malik for an interview and he demanded Sh50,000 for his 'time and expenses.' We don't pay for interviews so we refused, and he confirms as much. This is the man supporting Donald Trump” Wrote Larry Madowo.

Interestingly, both Larry and Malik hail from the same County of Siaya; their home villages are close by.


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