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BBC's Anne Ngugi celebrates daughter Angel as she turns 20

The duo of mother and daughter stepped out in matching outfits to celebrate the day and shared a video

Anne Ngugi and Angel celebrating the latter's birthday

BBC journalist Anne Ngugi has celebrated her daughter Angel who turned 20 years old.

The journalist shared that Angel turned a year older on 6March 2024 and they opted to celebrate the day appreciating how far the journey has been.

The duo of mother and daughter stepped out in matching outfits to celebrate the day and shared a video they recorded across Anne’s social media accounts.

"Hey, wherever you are, this is Anne and Angel and we are so excited to do this video. We are twinning our dresses. We had to do this.” Anne and Angel stated.


The pair was all smiles, enjoying every moment of the video with netizens complementing them for the chemistry.

“The 06 of this month which was a week ago was Angel’s birthday. We never made noise about it because we were excited to celebrate it on our own. We felt it was very important for people to know that Angel is 20 years and 20 years is not a joke especially knowing where Angel is coming from” Anne added.

“How has the journey been when you look different and be truthful,” Anne continued with Angel sharing how the journey has been, including some of the challenges that she encountered.

Angel was born with congenital hydrocephalus a buildup of fluid in the brain at birth. The duo of mother and daughter have been inspirational, sharing their journey with many.


She noted that it felt good to transition from teenage to twenties and touched on some of the challenges she has overcome, and encouraged people to accept themselves as they are.

“One thing I have learnt is to accept myself in a world where there is so much in differences, I have learnt to be unique in my own way.

“Accept yourself, love yourself and show yourself to the world. Usiwe tu umejifungia coz the world will never know you. And the world will accept you as you are.” Angel stated.

A section noted that the journalist has established a strong bond and a healthy relationship with her daughter as evidenced by their camaraderie.

penziterry1: ur a lovely mom....something about u fascinates me....kutoka zile enzi za ktn...ur a strong mama.


flo: 🥰🥰I love love this. strength of a woman. she has raised a strong lady too. hakuna kama mama.

Njambi Bijah: Angels dental is soo angelic 😍. She’s blessed and Gods favour is her portion. She’s more than a conqueror 🤗.

_brownsugar🌸: Nikikumbuka nilimuona for the first time on True love magazine and now she's all grown😊.

Bito: i love the way you two relate🥰so freely like best friends. you're such a great mum and role model


Zu Said: You guys are amazing. You look like the best of friends.

kairitu ka seven: 🥰🥰🥰whaaaoo 20 already aki time flies.

notaliliputian: Wow, I remember when you two were in some magazine. Jamani time flies.

roseadawo: I just love her this far he has been Ebenezer Anne you are blessed Angel happy birthday.


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