Oh Shit! The Queen Of Rap Has Finally Responded To Femi One's Pilau Njeri (Video)

They say the best performs last and Noti seems to have waited to the madness to die down before she delivers the final, fatal blow.


Say what you wish. But she's the Baddest in the game. And forever will be. (Apologies , STL.).

Earlier this month, Kaka Empire rapper Femi One unleashed a surprise attack on pretty much all her fellow female rappers calling them out by name and going so hard, the girl shot to national fame again.

The song was Pilau Njeri, a clear dig at that fiiiiine Gikuyu rapper Njeri who was thoroughly picked apart and hauled across the room with the potency of a malevolent beast.

In the diss track, Femi One ruthlessly thrashed all her peers and along with it, opened up a fierce and unprecedented supremacy battle between the femcees.

Kiki, a menacing firebrand, was the first to respond. Njeri herself followed it up pretty quick with while Sosoon chickened out. As expected.

Other female rappers have responded in various ways.... But now, the Queen of em all, Noti bad girl Flow, has put the debate to its grave.

They say the best performs last and Noti seems to have waited to the madness to die down before she delivers the final, fatal blow...Like that last, bloody bite in a horror movie that we all didn't see comin'.

And she's just done it..

Her reply is called 'Forehead' a merciless attack on Femi One's bulging forehead.

She then goes in on the poor rapper, calling her and her management out, throwing a few boastful lines around, reminds the world just who's the Queen, hilariously mocks the entire King Kaka conglomerate calling them 'Empire ya Ma Foreheads' and even takes a bold dig at King Kaka himself declaring, I eat rabbits for lunch, /My lines coming in bunch /

The best part of the whole diss is actually the video which must have cost Noti Flow some serious hundreds of thousands of shillings to shoot.

It's international-standards, with exceptional shots, masterful color, a lot of pricey gold bling, professional editing and great transition of scenes.

Noti also looks like a million dollars in the clip that's already Trending on YouTube.

Within just two days, the video has already amassed over 75,000 views surpassing Kyki's Kuku Mwitu  which still struggles at less than 45,000 views two weeks after it's pompous release.

It's official - she's the baddest.

When the Queen makes her final remarks, you all bow and walk home.

End of debate


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