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Drunk Betty Kyallo loses her cool, lectures critics who keep on Judging her (Video)

I'm Ivanna's role model! - Betty

Drunk Betty Kyallo loses her cool, lectures critics who keep on Judging her

A video has surfaced online of Media personality Betty Kyallo telling haters to keep off her life.

In the video, Betty who revealed that she had something to drink, disclosed that she had the right to live her life the way she wanted to and have fun regardless of whether she was a role model to people or not.

The K24 presenter went on to say that there was enormous pressure in the media industry adding that she was her daughter's role model and that's what mattered the most.


My family is very protective over me and they are like Betty why are you gong live right now… I’ve had a drink and people are saying you cannot have this much fun cz wewe ni role model f*ck that shit, me I take care of my jobs. Ivanna I’m her role model. Eti you are my daughters role model so don’t go to the club, i wanna go the club, i wanna have a good time, the pressure in this f*cking career is horrible and this chiq is saying end the video because I’m saying the truth I’m not gonna end this video whatever the blogs are gonna say about Betty or Betty Kyallo ... f*ck off f*ck off bloggers " says Betty in the video.

This is one of the amazing single mothers that I love appreciate and adore - Akothee

This comes a few days after award winning singer Akothee came out to praise the public figure for being a strong girl, even when her daughter had been admitted in hospital.

She commended Ms Kyallo for reporting to work with a smiling face even when all was not okay.

In her well written message, Ms Akoth lauded Betty for being an outstanding media personality who has managed to build a name for herself in very competitive industry.


Betty Kyallo the Brand

“Forget about BETTY KYALO THE BRAND & focus on the little girl in her , this is one of the amazing single mothers that I love appreciate and adore, Betty is in her early 30s,and despite all the judgments ,social media critics, honorable of justice Wannabees of Mr / Mrs Know All , this girl has done quite alot for herself at her age 💪, some of you screaming and making noise are already in your 40s with not even a name, a brand or a business ,forget about a family 💪. Early Last year, she had her child in hospital for over months 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, but she was constantly on TV and still moving around with a strong face, not knowing she had fire burning in her” reads part of Akothee’s post.

The Abebo hit-maker also disclosed that Betty’s Mother got an accident at a time she was taking care of her granddaughter and ended up being admitted, making it hard for Betty to balance between work and taking care of sick family members.

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