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Betty Kyallo's message to people attacking her on social media

Msiniletee negative energy hapa- Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo

Media Personality Betty Kyallo has cautioned netizens to refrain from spamming her with negativity and experts opinions, as she is living life her own way.

On Thursday, the K24 news anchor decided to use famous American Singer and producer DJ Khaled to pass her message across. The short video put up on her Instagram page has a message that says’

“2020 all gonna do is stay focused, when time get hard, go harder , when time is great go even harder, don’t stop because I’m not stopping, that is on everything I love, we are too blessed, we got life and God is great, you heard it when I said when time get hard, go harder , when time is great go even harder".

She went ahead to caption the video with “Mumesikia? 🔊 Msiniletee negative energy hapa na ma-expert opinion 😂😂😂. Use it yourself 😂😂 I do what I want”.


Ms Kyallo’s has been a topic of discussion for the better part of this week, after going public with daughter’s illness, highlighting the struggles she went through in 2019.

Despite her, stopper a section of her followers argued that she should accepted to be criticized and accommodate opinions because she brought the matter to the public.


joabmwaura @bettymuteikyallo wacha nikufunze kiswahili..Mti wenye matunda hupigwa mawe..#Big Shot,If you were nobody then...Hungesemwa”


kikiojala6 “Sisi hatujali what is happening between wewe na okari. You brought it to our attention. We give our opinion. You do what you want. Bora tu Ivana a grow loving both parents”

iddi_shi_jayOkari is baby Ivana's biological dad. He paid the hospital bill, that's wot we know so far. Premature Side shows we won't allow in twenny twenny”

Willie_ngangaThe only thing that you are not ready to do is to lower your ego and apologize to Dennis. The guilt coupled with ego will crush you inside and you won’t be at peace with yourself. What deceive you is being the celeb status but by default you are human beings. My take is; make peace with yourself. Don’t ridicule others but you can since bayou have the freedom to do so. Apologizing doesn’t make you “smaller person” but actually it shows how courageous you are to lower you ego. The celebs always believe they can’t be told anything and that belief always affect them. The populace they hold always deceive them that they are human beings by default. The fundamental fact is; even if you feel it is alright to bash other people opinions because you are celeb; well that is fine. But if you bash the opinions because your intellectual intelligence does so; that is good. That is for now. Am open to criticism. Willi”

bella_eye_vWatu makasiriko kanyage big big... Don’t try to tier family apart for publicity....”


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