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Betty Kyallo’s reaction after fan shared TBT photo of wedding with Okari

Move on -Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo’s reaction after fan shared TBT photo of wedding with Okari

Media Personality Betty Kyallo shut-down a fan who shared her TBT photo from her wedding with Baby Daddy Dennis Okari back in 2015.

Being a Throwback Thursday, a Twitter user identified Wardingtone, put a photo from Ms Kyallo wedding with a caption that reads; “TBT @BettyMKyallo weds @DennisOkari . It was a colourful wedding #TIPTakesShape #SmartAgricKE #ThursdayThoughts #rebirthofanation #throwback”

The Photo in questioned prompted the K24 news anchor to react, asking the fan to move on, as she (Betty) and Okari did that longtime ago.


Move On

“So what? Lol Move on..we have” reads Betty Kyallo’s response.

The tweet attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans On Twitter (KOT), a section arguing that Wardingtone was petty, while others stated that there is no crime is revisiting your past.

Reactions from KOT

KOT_Anthony “Kamati ya roho chafu. Let @BettyMKyallo be and stop this pettiness. It just sucks.”


Baba LuckyIf it's not working it's not working one have to move”

Innocent Innocent “We blame poor infrastructure and rural urban migration on this break up”

Jane Tesh Achaneni na Betty she was there then now that's in the past. Kila mtu na maisha yake hii ni yake”

Edward Manuche “Don't worry @BettyMKyallo some people will always drag others past back to the scene just to mess with your sanity...He thinks he has balls😂😂,,people have BALLS hapa what!!”


Sam wandongo “Wakenya ni wachokozi walah”

Doreen AmangaI agree. You can't be stuck in the past! Move on. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. Sadness doesn't look good on you!”

Ngash Thuku “Aki wakenya ninyi ni wachokozi, relax @BettyMKyallo and enjoy life”

Kendrick “A Good confirmation that nothing is permanent in thi world!”


James Kyalo “Hahaha things fall apart,or you're just sticking to all men are dogs initiative? Christmas vacation is coming utaambia wazazi nini”

Tetty “Heri yenu was a colourful wedding that made news. Yeye on the other hand... We don't know anyway.”

GibsonKenyans amazes me as if they 100 % perfect. Life has many challenges”

Kenmarwa “It's called history,You can't erase it. But you are there strong and kicking. No man is limited my friend”


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