Diamond’s mother attacked after ignoring Hamisa’s son on his birthday

People are not happy that Bi Sandra snubbed her grandson on his birthday.

But one person was missing in action, Bi Sandra also known as Mama Diamond.

Fans have noticed this and took to her comment section to launch an avalanche of insults for not wishing Dylan a ‘Happy Birthday’ like she wished her grandchildren Tiffah and Nillan.

Fans feel that she gives preferential treatment to Diamond’s kids with Zari, Nillan and Tiffah over Hamisa’s son with Diamond, Dylan.

It is believed that Diamond’s mum’s open hostility towards Hamisa and her son is due to the fact that Hamisa called the paparazzi on her when she had secretly gone to see her in hospital. And when the footage made its way to the interwebs, Bi Sandra was badly insulted and humiliated by fans.

There were also allegations that the matriarch once gave a sound beating to Hamisa for embarrassing her but Hamisa declined to talk about it and said that she prefers keeping family issues to herself because the Internet never forgets.

Despite their personal differences, fans feel that Dylan is just an innocent child and shouldn’t be dragged into his mum and grandma’s mess.


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