“Mlikuwa mnataka nivae kabuti na gumboots kwa beach?” Former TV presenter claps back at people who caused a fuss over her bikini pics

Her fans love her for her outspoken and sincere nature and if you watch her in interviews you can’t help but love her because she keeps it 100% real. Which is a big thing in a world where people like to be fake and put up appearances.


And her candid nature came to life once again in an interview with Ghafla. She addressed some photos that had caused controversy on social media and the blogs; photos of her in a bikini.

“I’ve never taken a nude picture!” She cried indignantly before adding “There is a time I went to the coast for vacation and took photos on the beach in a bikini. Mlikuwa mnataka nivae kabuti na gumboots kwa beach? It’s the beach of course I will wear a little bra and my little… (Smacks lips repeatedly) you know what I’m talking about. So I’m taking some photos and the guy starts saying anaanza kupatia watu wa blogs and all that. And I’m like wasichana wanapiganga picha uchi…ndethe…na hamuandikangi but mimi nimevaaa bikini and you are all up in my business! What’s up with you? Hakuna nudes hiyo ni urongo!”

“I don’t post nudes, I post what I’m comfortable in.” she emphasised in case someone gets it twisted.

Watch the rest of the interview below:


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