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American celebrity caught saying ‘Wamlambez-Wamyonyez’ on camera (Video)


Christina Milian and Lil Wayne (Courtesy)

I guess it’s safe to say that the ‘Wamlambez Wamyonyez’ phrase has gone global. The phrase originated from an ice-cream shop bearing the name and when it went viral on social media, The Sailors turned it into catchy song making it super viral.

Now it has gone international thanks to rugby player Biko Adema who was caught on camera teaching Christina Milian the phrase.

Many know Christina from her Dip it Low song, her movies or probably as Lil Wayne’s ex.


Biko had stopped by Christina’s Beignet Box food truck when he noted that the beignets (a popular pastry in Louisiana, USA) resembled the popular Kenyan Mandazi.

After Christina learnt to pronounce Mandazi, Biko tried teaching her the popular Kenyan phrase ‘Wamlambez’ and its response ‘Wamyonyez’.

“If I say Wamlambez, you say wamyonyez,” Biko instructed in between giggles and Christina said “Wamnyonyez.

Check out below:


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