Caroline Mutoko shares her thoughts on Akothee's dressing and performance on stage (Video)

Don't force her

Media Personality Caroline Mutoko (Instagram)

Caroline Mutoko has weighed in on Singer Akothee's dressing code during her recent performance in Mombasa County.

Through her YouTube Channel, Ms Mutoko said that the society should stop acting like Akothee is the only role model their children can emulate.

She pointed out that the Abebo hit maker is among the few female celebrities in the country who can’t afford to sugarcoat matters, advising her to keep on doing what she does best.

Caroline Mutoko's sentiments

“Do not go and ask somebody else who is getting on with their thing, there way and they are full grown up and you are like, You got to be wonderful because my child might want to be like you. Can we get rid of one completely unnecessary conversation Akothee and whether she is a role Model to our daughters. Let me ask you something why are your daughters listening to Akothee, I know she is, other than the song she did with Diamond, I don’t know any other song she has done. And i'm saying this because I very well aware that Akothee’s target Market is by no means teenagers, they follow her because they love her boldness on Instagram and I do too. Sometimes she saying something and I’m like I love you,” said Caroline Mutoko.

She added,“There are a lot of closet men and women who cannot get over her boldness. She’s the kind of chic you love to hate but you can’t help but admire her because she is unapologetic. Akothee, keep doing what you do. I love your style on Instagram. Baby, I don’t know any of your music and I haven’t been to any of your concerts and here’s the thing because I can’t sing along to any, I might never come. But if you ever ask me out to tea, I’ll come. Keep going mama, I love you to death.”

Esther Passaris Weighs In

On Friday, Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris had argued that Akothee’s performance at the luxurious Italian Papa Remo beach was in front of a grown audience which included her parents.

“Her father and her mother were on stage, very proud of their little girl. That is entertainment, that’s her profession and business. I think Ezekiel you owe her an apology because you insulted her and called her demonic. You know she has a following and she didn’t do it in a school compound or for underage children. I think you are overstepping you boundaries in trying to tell us how we should live, be, think, see and behave,” said Passaris.



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