But their relationship does not end at the romance level, the two have now developed a working relationship and have produced their first baby, a new show called ‘Sue and Johnny”. The two are working closely with former Tahidi High actor turned producer Abel Mutua popularly known as Freddy. Abel will be the genius behind the script.

Speaking exclusively to P Live about her new show, Catherine Kamau said that this show was inspired by the fact that she wants to grow more as an actress by creating new content.

“Time had come for me to go to the next level, not to chase for acting jobs but to create them.  Abel Mutua and I came up with this concept two years ago; unfortunately we had to shelf it because we were not willing to sell it cheap. Finally Maisha magic on Dstv believed in the show and that's how Sue and Johnny came to life,I created this comedy because I believe Kenyans need a good laugh because as it is life is too hard.” she said.

Speaking about their production company Phil-It Production which will be producing ‘Sue and Johnny’, Catherine said “Our Company is all about producing quality content that Kenyans can relate to. I also wanted to start a culture where actors feel valued and appreciated, not taken advantage of. I was tired of how the industry was and I became a show creator who would rather be honest and pay you whatever I can, other than not pay my actors at all. In fact, we have had to go without salaries as the show creators to ensure that all our actors and service providers are sorted!”

The new show Sue and Johnny is a classic example of mistaken identity story. And it capitalizes on Phil-It-Production's strength which is comedy; Phil-It is the brain behind Hapa Kule, The Real Househelps of Kawangware and now Sue and Johnny.

Catherine will be playing the role of Sue on the show and promises her fan lots of laughter and of course style and fashion tips because their wardrobe department is off the hook.

To catch this new show, keep your eyes glued to Maisha Magic East on the 30th of January.

Kosa uchekwe!