He is a loser! Celina claps back at Nyakundi

Celina is fighting back!

Part of the post read “Instagram was awash a few weeks ago with photos of Cate Actress getting married to some p***y-whipped n*gger. He was hailed as “bold” for overlooking the fact that she's a single mum, and in return, he financed a grand wedding for the who’s who, (although I didn't see our usual Twitter A clique). Cate Actress is a textbook example of what sociologists call Proactive Infidelity. She’d knocked it out with the Bad Boy (abusive, cheater) who was a “challenge” and got her excited. Now that the Bad Boy has proven himself unreliable in sharing parental investment responsibilities, the guy she “trapped” in marriage MUST assume the Bad Boy’s responsibilities and liabilities.”

He then goes on to add “Cate Actress talks, acts like she “don’t need a man”, but (also) she needs a Man. The real tragedy is the desperation apparent in the false pride. The truth is she needs a Man, her child needs a Man, in spite of the pretentiousness fem-centrism has conditioned into her. But her decisions have left that Daddy position open to the lowest bidder.”

Following this post, Cate responded with this statement when asked if she had seen Nyakundi’s post “Who is that??? I don't know him, but I have heard he is a loser who hates on strong women and praises weak men #sips tea”

Earlier on she had posted “If you don't want to be criticized, Be Nothing, Say Nothing, Do Nothing, Cheers.”


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