There is a new celebrity baby in town. Guess whose?

This year alone has seen the arrival of Anne Kiguta’s twins and Pierra Makena’s daughter.

A person holding a baby

Now we have a new celebrity dad in town. X F.M’s Mike Mondo revealed that he became a dad about 18 hours ago.

“I am now officially a dad...!” he announced excitedly.

Before his baby was born Mike had updated his fans and friends on what was going on in the labour word expressing appreciation for all women go through in order to bring life forth.

“You get a totally new respect for women once you see someone you care about go through Labour pains. When you know there is nothing you can do to ease that pain except being there.

That shit ain't easy. All single mothers I applaud you. To do it alone, and to keep parenting after you deliver. You are winners in my eyes. And all y'all absentee fathers can go eat a cow's d**k and swallow that urine. You have NO IDEA what that woman you abandoned went through for your child. You are in my eyes the lowest form of human being that ever existed. Hata afadhali Zinjathropus.."


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