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List of Celebrity siblings in Kenya

The Kenyan entertainment industry has its selection of famous siblings

Chimano, Janet Mbugua, Holy Dave, Anita Gaitho and Barbara M'mbaka

Today we look at a list of Kenyan celebrity siblings who have been making ripples in the Radio, TV, music, comedy, film and fashion industry over the years.

In the Gospel industry, brothers Rufftone, Daddy Owen and Fidel Atondol have made their mark, while Barbara M’Mbaka and Chimano have also made their mark in radio and music respectively.

But the pairings of famous siblings don’t end there; Joey Muthengi, Holy Dave are siblings and so are Madtraxx and Dj Stylez.


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  • Chimano and Barbara M'mbaka

Chimano is broadly known because of his quality in the Sauti Sol band while his sister is a Radio presenter who works with Standard Group owned station Spice FM.

Ms M’mbaka hosts the #AdultsIntheRoom show every weekday from 7pm-10pm.

“My name is Barbara M’Mbaka Imbakhala, the Dutchess of Ikolomani me and Chim go way back. Chim is my sibling, my little brother. For the longest we were 3, two girls and one boy. He used to be the last born and could get away with everything and anything and was sometimes a snitch,” said Barbara M’mbaka.

  • Eric omondi and Fred Omondi

Self-proclaimed President of Comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi is with no doubt a respected name in the Comedy and his roots can be traced back to Churchill show where the hustling started.

Scaling the heights in the Comedy Industry, Omondi made sure that his small brother Fred Omondi also creates a name for himself.

Currently, Eric and Fred are well-known comedians in Kenya. They have both participated in the Churchill show where their careers blossomed.

  • Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave

Joey’s brother Holy-Dave is a gospel musician cum TV personality who have worked with SK Macharia’s Citizen TV, while his sister Joey is a radio presenter at Capital FM.

Before making her grand-return to Capital FM, Joey used to anchor News at Citizen TV as well as host the 10 over 10 show alongside Willis Raburu.

  • The Kimani Siblings

Victoria, Bamboo and Kimya are all into music with the brothers rapping and Victoria Kimani singing. But they are not just your everyday musicians; Kimya and Bamboo are both respected rappers while sibling Victoria Kimani is one of the leading female divas in the continet.

  • Bamzigi, Kidkora and Lenana Kariba

Bamzigi, a hip-hop star, has some very famous siblings. His brother ‘Kidkora’ is part of the wildly- successful ‘Kansoul group’ while Lenana is a reputable actor known for roles in 'Changing Times' & ‘selina’.

  • The Kagia Siblings

Dennis Kagia a.k.a. DNA is a popular Kenyan rapper while his sister Tina Kagia is a famous radio presenter who has worked with One Fm, Classic 105 and currently Nation FM.

  • The Mbugua siblings

Janet Mbugua is a reputable news anchor and an actress while her twin Timothy is a Creative Director at Artlantis Design and a TV model who is most famous for his Access Kenya advertisement.


Their elder brother Kevin Samuel Mbugua is well known as Richard Mali in hit TV show ‘Mali’.

  • Rufftone and Daddy Owen

The Gospel industry wouldn’t be the Gospel industry without the contributions of these two brothers Rufftone and Daddy Owen. Rufftone put the ‘cool’ in the Gospel music with ‘Mwikulu’ while Daddy Owen is the biggest male Gospel artiste in the country at the moment.

  • Size 8 and Deejay 7

Size 8 started out as a raunchy secular artiste before finding her way into Gospel music while her sister Mary started out as the youngest female deejay in Kenya and had a promising career away from her famous sister's shadow.


But the soft-spoken Spins Trade Academy-trained DJ dropped the decks for a shot at managing Size 8’s career and she is doing a pretty good job.

  • Madtraxx and DJ Stylez

DJ Stylez career in the entertainment industry spans for close to two decades.

Madtraxx on the other hand is part of the famous Kansoul group that he formed with Kidkora and Mejja and together they have feel-good hits.

  • Jamila and Wanjiru Mbugua

This pair of twins were a source of confusion when they first stepped into the media scene, this is because one was at KBC and the other was at NTV, so viewers thought they were seeing their own things when they saw Jamila at NTV and Wanjiru at KBC, but as it turns out they were just twins.

  • Anita and Lisa Gaitho

The twins are both bloggers and daughter to Macharia Gaitho, a former Managing Editor, Special Projects for the Daily Nation. You can catch Lisa Gaitho on while Anita blogs on

  • Moipei Quartet

It wouldn’t be a sibling list without the famous Moipei Quartet now would it? The Moipei Quartet who have performed for dignitaries like president Uhuru Kenyatta is composed of triplets Mary Moipei, Magdalene Moipei and Marta Moipei and their younger sister, Seraphine Moipei.


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